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The name Katherine is a baby girl name. The name Katherine comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Katherine is: Pure. Used since third century A. D. Early Latin forms Katerina and Caterina became Katharine and Catherine. French Cateline and English Catlyn came into wider use during medieval period when variants multiplied.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Pure. Used since third century A. D. Early Latin forms Katerina and Caterina became Katharine and Catherine. French Cateline and English Catlyn came into wider use during medieval period when variants multiplied.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 4.43 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 87

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written by Katherine M., February 26, 2008
I was named after Katherine Hepburn.My father always thought she was the definition of "classic beauty" Growing up, I felt I carried the name of an old woman but now, I can appreciate why my father decided to name me Katherine. Most of my friends now have given their daughters different versions of my name.
written by Arienne, February 28, 2008
I like the name "Katherine" and know a 5yr. old child with that name. But her name is spelled Katherainne and goes by "Rainney" she loves her name. She goes by Rainney at school because there's a Kathie and a Catharyn at school. She can't go by Katie because that's her sister's name and they're in the same class (twins).
written by Katherin, February 29, 2008
Im 17 my name is katherine i kno so many in my school right now dat its not even funny dey call me Kathy Though
All names cycle in popularity
written by Nik, February 29, 2008
I love Katherine - I named my daughter Katherine - and where we live, she is the only Katherine in the school - She goes by Kat...Names go thru cycles in popularity - and not everyone is naming their girls Katherine - I personally don't care for the nicknames of Katie or Kathy - my daughter will usually correct people if they call her that - she prefers Kat or Katherine...but will let her classmates slide if they call her Kitty.
written by Ann Marie, March 03, 2008
Named my daughter Katherine Ann 13 years ago and still love the name. I think Katherine is elegant and timeless. I like names that are not trendy.
written by : ), March 03, 2008
My name us Katherine and I love my name.
written by Katherine, April 12, 2008
my names Katherine and i don't mind it but i hate it when people try to shorten it, and it annoys me coz thats not my name. i guess its a pretty name but when your name is katherine billie, i don't know it has me second guessing.
too fancy
written by Katie, April 22, 2008
My name is Katherine Marie, and the name has always held too much weight for me. I think it sounds elegant and classic, but I prefer to be called Katie because I don't fit that elegant and classic style of the name. Either way I still like the name Katherine.
written by Hannah, June 13, 2008
Katherine is my middle name, so my full name is Hannah Katherine. Katherine is my grandmas name, and sometimes i hate my middle name cause it sounds like an old person name, seriously. but its ok:)
Such a pretty name, but a bit too common!
written by Kathy from Minnesota, June 16, 2008
Hi, my name is Kathy Lee, named after my dad's middle name. I really like my name and I am now having a baby next month and I am looking for a similar name for my baby to be named after me. This is hard to do. My real name is Kathy because my mom figured I would get nicknamed that if I was named Katherine. I think this name is very pretty and I recommend it to anyone!
love it
written by nilda, August 13, 2008
i named im daugther Alyson Katherine i wanted names with strong meanings
written by Jaylee, October 17, 2008
My sisters named Emma Katheine i think its beautfull realy we call her Kathie emma Kathie come here lol its cute really
written by katherine, November 09, 2009
mine, is Katherine Ann. i like my name. the only thing i did not like is that my family called Kathy. i wished they would of called me Katie, or Kat. i hate that name. i started going by my full name when i was 11. the other thing is that i can not count the number of times i have been called Kathleen. I have even been called how they got Cristine form Katherine i do not know.
beautiful :)
written by katie, April 13, 2010
Hey my name is Katherine but I go by katie which I completely prefer to kat or Kathy or Kate. My full name is Katherine Joy which I love!! I love everything about my name- even the silly nick names my grandpa uses(katie-did, katie-bug, etc) but my fave thing about my name is that my mom and daddy call me, "katie-joy-to-the-world" :)
My sis
written by Sabrina Less, April 22, 2010
the name of my sista! i love her sooooo much !
written by KTluv, May 30, 2010
My full name is Katherine Mary-Grace, and I LOVE it! It sounds so elegant and classic and beautiful! People generally call me 'Katie', which is fine, but secretly I would love to be called 'Katherine', or 'Kat', or whatever. :)I am named after my 'Baba' (Croatian for 'grandmother'), whose name was 'Katica'. :D :D :D

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