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The name Makayla  is a baby girl name. The name Makayla  comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Makayla  is: a modern spelling variation of Michaela, the female form of the name Michael.   

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: a modern spelling variation of Michaela, the female form of the name Michael.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.05 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 211

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written by Makayla, March 23, 2008
this is really kool!!! my name is Makayla!!! but i didn't know u could spell it so many ways... wow
Wonderful unique name
written by Elaura, March 28, 2008
When I was pregnant my grandmother wanted me to name my baby Queen Ester but I didnt want my baby being laughed at, so i searched and found Makayla, & Malika in Swahili they both mean princess. When she was born I still wanted the name to be perfect they called her Babygirl for 2 days because I was undecided i wrote down what i had wanted, and tried to see which sounded better. On a drugged up morining the Dr came in to get the birth certificate together, i leaned over and pointed at the name Makayla and I always loved Shyane' cause she acted so shy during ultrasounds so in the end Makayla Shyane' (short for shyangel) n I thought thats perfect. Also Makayla's Celtic meaning is Who is like God. she will lead, independent, spontaneous, energetic entertainer, social, creative bon vivant, introspective, analytical, and mysterious etc...
written by makala, May 01, 2008
my name is makala, but I spell this is weird, my friends sister is names Makayla Lynn and my middle name is Lynn. I think that is cool. Good luck to the new mommies. hope everything will go well for yall! CONGRADULATIONS!
written by makaila, June 14, 2008
my name is makayla, but spelled: makaila
I love it!
written by mookie, June 16, 2008
i love this name it is sou unique...i think this is gunna be her name
written by cyndel barragan, June 29, 2008
my daughters name is makayla, but spelled: macayla
we chosen to spell her name with a c instead of a k, because my name is cindel, but spelled: cyndel
so we thought it would be unique and different then most
Makayla .... my girl is spelled Michela
written by immom2all, July 24, 2008
I first heard this name over 40 years ago. I always said that when I had a little girl that would be her name. She is now in her early 30's. I was suprised when the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman show came out and this name became very popular. We had a friend who's daughter named her twins Makayla and Makaya after my daughter.
my name
written by makayla, August 13, 2008
my names makayla! i love it!
written by Kayla Phillips, October 21, 2008
My name is Makayla, although, I go by Kayla. It's a very beautiful name. My brother named me because my mom didn't want to pick a girl name and end up with another boy like she did with my brother Randy. I love my name, but I'm planning on changing it to just plan Kayla. In Irish, it also means Magical.
written by Taylor, June 05, 2009
It is very wierd to read that some else had a dream about a little girl named makayla calling her mommy.
I had that very dream just last night 6/5/09. I was just blown away to see that just minutes ago. I had dream of a little vivacious girl who is love by everyone calling me mommy how strange is that, someone else has the same dream. I wonder what it means?
written by cheyenne, June 11, 2009
i love the name makayla . but i want to name my baby if it is a girl mikhaila same thing just spelled different and more uniqe
written by BJ Fanelli, January 24, 2010
My daughter's name is McKayla. I thought it was a nice way to honor my Celtic heritage.
My Name.
written by Makayla, February 15, 2010
My name is Makayla, and i don't really like it because theres so many people with the same name, mostly kids younger than me. I think it wasn't common when my parents named me it, but it is now. I would like it so much better if it was spelled Micaela or Michaela..
i LOVE this name
written by makayla, June 14, 2010
my name is makayla and my baby boys name is michael and he hates his name now cause he knows he got it from is mother.
written by Isabel Clare, August 16, 2010
I know a girl called Makayla and she is so sweet. She will always acknowledge you politely and is a great friend. Anyway, I think this is a great name with a nice ring to it.


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