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The name Sasha is a baby girl name. The name Sasha comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Sasha is: From the Russian name Sasha, a pet form of Alexander, meaning "defender of mankind."

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: From the Russian name Sasha, a pet form of Alexander, meaning "defender of mankind."
Expression number: 3
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 4.44 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 59

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written by Sasha, October 23, 2007
it tends to be a nickname for the name Alexander in Russia now a days... plus there have been some semi famous guys with the name.. Such as Sasha Mitchell... Cody from step by step tv show
loving your name
written by sasha, November 25, 2007
even if your name is not sasha, love your name
(sasha is the best name)
written by Justine, December 01, 2007
i know a girl called sasha and her first name is alexandra, i never knew sasha was a short form of alexandra. the sasha i know really suits her name, alexandra doesn't suit her at all.
unique names are key
written by sasha f, December 13, 2007
i know a thousand brittany's and jennifer's and sarah's ive never met another person named sasha in my whole life. therefore ive never had to share my name with a girl in my classes ever. i love my name!
written by sasha f, January 04, 2008
i think my name is great ive never met anyone with the same name, i wouldnt change it ever!
written by Jen R, January 10, 2008
I have met about 5 Sashas. :)
Sasha is a boys name
written by Tim, February 12, 2008
It's russian and is short for 'Alexsandr'

It is quite common in Russia and the Ukraine.
Unisex name
written by Alexander , February 21, 2008
I was born in Russia and I was always called "Sasha" by the Russian community, even though my legal name is Alex. I was called both even after I was adopted and came to America at the age of 3. The use of "sasha" and "Alex" depends on the speaker. In russia a person would call me Alex to show respect and call me "sasha" if they had authority over me, or were claiming to.
written by Sasha M, February 26, 2008
Sasha is amazing name ... when i was little I didn't like it ... but i love it now ... especially because of the background to it ... and they got it wrong ... it has a russian origin ... not english
written by Sonia, March 05, 2008
My daughter's name is Alexsia, and I knew a Russian guy who called her Sasha - I always corrected him and he explained Sasha and Alexander.

I am considering Sasha for a girl, not sure what hubby thinks yet and can't agree on names for a boy. I only know one Sasha (a mom at my son's school) and every time she says her name, I enjoy hearing it.
written by Sasha, May 10, 2008
I'm Russian as well and when I moved to America it was rather difficult explaining to people why Sasha is short for Aleksandra. Nevertheless I love my name because it is definately unique in America. But never would have I guessed that the name means "defender of mankind" :)
written by mylene, June 26, 2008
My best friend in chilhood was named Sacha (boy). I love this name as much for girls as for boys. The only down low was the constant Cha-Cha-Cha teasing but that didn't last long.
written by mikimiki, August 11, 2008
i am so glad my parents named me sasha. it's always made me feel unique in school and at work and i think it's contributed to who i am: unique!
written by Brenna Corn, August 31, 2008
I love this name, but seriously people....just because a name ends with an "a" does not mean it's for a girl. Sascha or Sasha(if you want to spell it that way) is blatantly a boy name. It's short for Alexander, not Alexandra or anything of the sort.
My daughter's name
written by vickie, September 18, 2008
My daughter is called Sasha Elise and she is one years old. The name just suits her, she is so pretty and that is what I imagine someone with the name Sasha to be. When I was pregnant, I wanted a name that was unique as there are so many Lily's, Grace, Jessica, Ellie and Ella's around in the UK at the moment. I wanted her to have a unique name when she starts school. I was aware of the Alexander and Russian connection but it doesn't bother me as we are English and live in England so not a lot of people actually know that. I get a mixed reaction when I tell people her name, but I wanted her to have a name that was both suitable from being a baby and when she is a teenager - I don't know about you, but I would hate to be called Lily or Ella when a teenager, it just sounds like an elderly persons name! Sasha is funky, unique, young, fresh & everyone will always remember your name! I have Mia or Freya picked next if I have another little girl. Go ahead call your baby, Sasha Elise, beautiful name xx
Here is a variant
written by sacha defoy, August 04, 2009
"The boy's name Sacha s(a)-cha, also used as girl's name Sacha, is of Russian origin. Diminutive of Alexander (Greek) "man's defender". French singer Sacha Guitry.

Sacha has 2 variant forms: Sascha and Sasha.

Baby names that sound like Sacha are Sachie, Sachio and Zach.

Sacha is an uncommon female first name; Sacha is a very rare male first name and a very rare surname (source: 1990 U.S. Census).
written by Sasha, June 12, 2010
my name is sasha and im a girl and its not pronounced like sacha its sash with a long a... and ive never met anyone that has pronounced it the same way...

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