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The name Shirley is a baby girl name. The name Shirley comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Shirley is: Bright wood; bright meadow; from the white meadow. Famous Bearers: child star Shirley Temple.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Bright wood; bright meadow; from the white meadow. Famous Bearers: child star Shirley Temple.
Expression number: 6
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.75 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 31

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i love my name
written by Me, January 10, 2008
Shirley Is a very uncommon name. I like because when i was in school a lot of people know me by my name it felt good not having name like britanny or ashely very common names
i love that Nmae
written by Alyce, January 20, 2008
My mum's name is shirley and i think its beautiful. When she died it made the name so much more powerful for me!
I was the only Shirley
written by Shirley Ann 02/110/08, February 10, 2008
Because I was the only Shirley, they only had to say my first name and everyone new who they wre talking about. I do love my name and wonder why you don't hear it anymore.
I was the only Shirley also
written by Shirley Ann, March 08, 2008
I guess I never thought good or bad about my name but I was curious as to how my parents could take this sweet little newborn and give it the name Shirley. I am 41 and I have met a few other shirley's older but never one younger. I guess it is unique!!
written by Reynamarie P. Pinoliad, June 11, 2009
yah, shirley is somewhat a strong and a brave one. in my 27 years here on earth i only meet one person bearing that name shirley.
My Daughter name is shirley
written by Kendra Marsh, November 17, 2009
My husband and I choses shirley for are daughter because it is an uncommon name now a days, but a name people know. We got the name from her great grandma and from child star Shirley Temple my fav actress. I think it is a great name that people have forgot about.

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