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The name Trinity is a baby girl name. The name Trinity comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Trinity is: Three. Refers to the Trinity doctrine in Christian faith. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Three. Refers to the Trinity doctrine in Christian faith.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.54 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 137

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written by Alishia, September 30, 2008
love this name.
its adorable
My baby's name
written by Troi, October 05, 2008
Personally I named my daughter Trinity and kept the original spelling in order to keep the meaning. I believe that there are meanings in a name including the spelling being that changing the spelling can change the meaning. (i.e. I was looking at the name 'talia' and I wanted to add an 'h' at the end but that changes the meaning of the name) But to each its own.
My 5 year old daughter
written by Michele, June 01, 2009
We named our 5 year old daughter Trinity Leighann. She loves her name. We get lots of complements on her name.
My 4 year old is Trinity Aurora
written by Dionna, June 04, 2009
I have a four and a half year old Named Trinity Aurora. We picked her name due to the meaning. The dictionary gives three Meanings:
*Trinity - Holy Trinity or (the union of three divine persons, the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in one God. Also called Trine)
*Trinity - The sum of three (the state of being threefold or triple)
*Trinity - Three people as one unit (A group consisting of three closely related members. Also called triunity).
She was our first born, so she made us a family or one unit, and we like Christian based or faith based names. We get complimented on her name Often!

Aurora also has many meanings but its my middle name and we use the meaning: The dawn.
written by Kirie, July 22, 2009
Im 20 weeks pregnant im have 4 babies and there 3 girls and 1 boy i have trinity for the girl and i have jacob for the boy. But im stuck on the other girls name. i wanted them to rhythm with trinity but i have no ideas can someone help me
Trinity Love
written by vanessa, October 25, 2009
im 20 yrs old and i named my 7 month old Trinity Love... i think the name is so beautiful and very rare.
Luv iht!
written by Maddy, January 03, 2010
mi middle name and proud uv iht, my dad named mi middle name Trinity after the "Trinity Mountain". Now mi initials r "M.T.W". lol
Trinity Hope
written by ASHLEY WESTERMANN, February 04, 2010

When I found out that I was pregnant with my first child and it was a girl I was so happy. I had picked out her name years before she was born. She is now 7 and when people ask what her name is she proudly tells them.
to kirie
written by christina deleo, April 17, 2010
i know it's kinda late to comment on what you wrote cause you already had the babies but i would have named the other two girls serenity and destiny.
then you would have trinity, serenity, destiny and jacob.
written by Deshanna woodcox, August 31, 2010
im 23 week n i plan to name my baby gurl Trinity imani i love the name she is my 1st child and cant wait until she gets here she mommy's little angle
Trinity (:
written by Christa Carr, September 01, 2010
I love this name! Its one of my favorites, And Serenity is really pretty to!

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