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The name Valerie is a baby girl name. The name Valerie comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Valerie is: Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: Strong; valiant. Feminine of the Roman family clan name Valerius.
Expression number: 9
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 4.53 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 91

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My Name
written by Valerie Newman, September 28, 2007
I wouldn't change my name for anything... I have always felt that I was unique and had a prettier name than most people... I know that sounds kinda rude but its true... Valerie is a beautiful name ... And one that most people don't forget... So if you want someone to be rememebered easily.. Name your daughter Valerie!!!
written by Elaine m, December 30, 2007
I named my daughter Valerie 30 years ago and I am very happy I did. She loves her name and wouldn't change it. It Valerie not Val. If you should name your baby Valerie pleae be sure to call her Valerie not Val. It is to beautiful to shorten.
written by Valerie Corbitt, January 23, 2008
This is my name...its a great name I wouldn't change it for nothing in the world..
written by Valerie Thompson, February 11, 2008
I love my name but I absolutely agree with the previous comment, please do not call me Val. I absolutely hate it when people shorten my name, not only does it sound not as nice but Val is also a Russian boys name, and I do not like being called a boy. So I agree if you do name your daughter Valerie always call her by that.
*in the country*
written by Valerie Coe, February 18, 2008
I always use to think my name was so annoying most people would always pronounce it Val rie! Now that i hear people saying it correctly i found it to be a really pretty name myself!
written by Mom of 5, February 19, 2008
I am also a Valerie and have always loved it (even more so as an adult). It is very pretty, special/unique and indicates a strong, level-headed woman. My family calls me Val, but I do prefer Valerie and it bugs me when people just assume it's alright to shorten it without asking me.

Valerie is so lovely! Name your little girl Valerie and she'll love it!
written by Valerie Starcher, February 27, 2008
My name Valerie Marie. I adore my name and I would not trade it for anything. When I was younger I hated saying it, but now that I am older I love it. People also shorten it to "Val" I correct them immediately and say "it's Valerie"
Vallery Arngel
written by Vallery, March 08, 2008
I agree with every comment that is on here, I love my name but there is only one thing, my mother spelled my name different from Valerie, my name is spelled Vallery. really she was not being creative, Vallery is my family's last name, so my mother just gave me it as a first name. But any little girl named it, no matter how it is spelled, is very much so lucky.
written by Valaree Marie, March 12, 2008
Even though my parents changed the spelling I love my name and I love the way its spelled its unique. I get called Val by people closes to me but I dont mind but I do mind when its someone I dont know then I tell them its MS.Valaree lol.
written by valx94, April 19, 2008
when i was growing up no one i knew had my name. i always met either britney's or christina's or rachel's but never valerie. it felt good to know that whenever my name was being called i would know it was me.
written by valerie, July 15, 2008
Well my name is Valerie pronounced vuh leer ree and I was named after a Russian ballet dancer (who just happened to be a man). I was gonna be named Valerie whether I was a boy or girl. (Thank God I'm a girl)!I've only met Russian men who pronounce their names the way I do. I love the name because it is truly unique!
written by valerie, August 14, 2008
My name is also Valerie. I'm 15 years old and wouldn't want to change it. My grandmother named me this before she died and I'm so happy my mother chose never to change it. I do get called Val but it doesn't bother me. Valerie is such a pretty name and I'm sure you will fall in love if you meet one.
written by Valerie, November 24, 2009
When I was a child in school my name was unique, and often not easy to remember for that fact. I was called Victoria and Vanessa because no one could remember any other names starting with a "V". As I got older I began to love my name due to how guys thought it was beautiful and girls were jealous of it. But now, the name seems more and more common. So I guess it's just another unique name that became trendy. I love my name "Valerie Gayle" and am happy to be the one who influenced one of my childhood friends to consider this cute, strong, beautiful name!

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