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The name Victoria is a baby girl name. The name Victoria comes from the English origin. In English The meaning of the name Victoria is: a variant of Victorius. Borne by Queen Victoria of England. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: English
Meaning: a variant of Victorius. Borne by Queen Victoria of England.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.01 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 232

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Love it!
written by Debbie, June 09, 2009
I just love the name Victoria Noelle! I'm not pregnant, but if I have a girl, I plan on naming her that. :D
That's my name! :)
written by Victoria, June 10, 2009
My name is Victoria Rose and I love it. I've never met another Victoria Rose and I think it's quite unique. I'm glad to hear two others (mommysbabbies 251 and juls_rosy) have and/or plan on having their daughters named Victoria Rose. I always get compliments on my name. Very lovely. :)
I love my name!!!
written by Victoria Kuntz, August 26, 2009
I love the name I have! I feel that it is very unique! I've never met another Victoria! My mom never liked the nickname Vicky and I also do not either so as a child and through highschool many people called me Tori! I think that is very cute as well! I love the spelling, though it get's mispelled often. You wouldn't think it would since Tori is the same letters that are already in Victoria. Not Tory!Victoria-Great strong name!
written by Victoria Kuntz, August 26, 2009
I failed to mention-to the girl that mentioned that she only knew Victoria's with Lynn as her middle name...mine is Leigh. Pronounced Lee. It is the female version. I got it from my dad who is Lee and my parents wanted mine to be similar. I love having a unique name!
written by Desiree, September 10, 2009
This is such a pretty name! My cousin's name is Victoria Lynne and she loves it!
written by Got2luvbrunttes9, October 11, 2009
My name is Victoria and I absolutely love it. My middle name is Kylee like Kylie. It's after my mom, and I've grown to like it. But I love Victoria Noelle. It's such a beautiful combination. Alot of my friends call me Tori, but when I'm older it will be nice to have a name that is very mature. I love Victoria!!!
written by Viki, December 28, 2009
Victoria is my name! Victoria Raquel, or Victoria Rachel. I was thinking of being called Tori, but that just sounds ugly!
I love this name
written by Victoria, January 02, 2010
My name is Victoria Lynn and I love it. My mom always told me that was her favorite name and that if she ever had a girl she would name her Victoria. I'm always complemented on my name and everyone says it's a beautiful name. I also like the nicknames for Victoria like Vicky, Tori, and Vic. My mom personally dislikes the nicknames because she loves the name as it is. I've never known another Victoria Lynn until Anna Nicole Smith died and it was revealed that her real name was Victoria Lynn and until I visited this website. If someone reading this is thinking about naming their daughter Victoria, trust me, it's a wonderful and beautiful name to have.
written by Victoria Staten, March 27, 2010
My name is Victoria but i go by so many nicknames i lost track years ago i wouldnt have choosen a better name for myself!!!!!!!!!
My beautiful daughter.
written by Elsie Edmunds, May 16, 2010
My daughter's name is Victoria Sophie Rosette and she is so pretty! We call her Tora for short and her name fits her extremely well!
My child
written by Lisa Partridge, June 22, 2010
My only child's name is Victoria Brianna Lorraine. I love that name, but didn't like the shortened form Vicky so I always called her Tori or Victoria or Princess. My husband and I were having trouble deciding on a first name to go with Lorraine and he was not home at the time she was born so I was trying to decide between Victoria and Brianna in the end she got both when I discovered that they went well together.
written by Tori94, August 20, 2010
My name is Victoria and a love my name. i asked my mom last night, that what other names she liked, but she wanted this. And the funniest thing is that my best friend's name is Victoria too. :D

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