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The name Jennifer is a baby girl name. The name Jennifer comes from the Celtic origin. In Celtic The meaning of the name Jennifer is: White wave.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Celtic
Meaning: White wave.
Expression number: 9
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 3.98 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 144

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written by jenny, June 27, 2008
i dont mind my name expect beining called Jennifer it makes me feel like i'm in trouble.
written by Hannah, August 15, 2008
I have a little girl named Talyor. Her nick names are Jeni, J, and Blondie (she has very light blonde hair) we love her
written by JenniferBella, August 20, 2008
my name is really Jennifer Mary but of course everyone calls me jenn and i hatee jenn but i dont know what else i could be called my dad calls me jennabella cause he wanted to name me belle and i love it i just dont know if i would want to be called that by my friends
written by Jennifer Rose Hill (Lee), September 15, 2008
My name is Jennifer Hill, maiden name Jennifer Lee. Growing up everyone called me Jennylee. I found out that most people I knew for a very long time honestly thought my first name was Jennylee and I had to explain all the time that that was my first and last name. I seriously think I meet a Jennifer everyday of my life. This is why I have a Netalya, and KianaLee for my two girls. I haven't even been able to find them with the spellings I chose, but the meanings are beautiful as well as the names.
white wave
written by Jennifer, September 28, 2008
i love the meaning of my name :) I just wish it wasnt soo popular... Its annoying that everyone has my name LOL
written by Jennifer, October 03, 2008
My name is Jennifer Amy which isn't a common first/middle combination. Most of the Jennifers around here are named Jennifer Lynn or Jennifer Jo. But I recently met another Jennifer Amy which was a first for me. I named my daughter Jenevieve and people assume I named her after me. Not true. I've always loved the name Jenevieve and since my husband and I both have the initials of JAS I wanted hers to be the same. If I had spelled her name the common way with a 'G' her initials would have been GAS. Couldn't do that to her! So Jenevieve it is and we call her Eve for short so that there won't be 2 Jens in the house. :)
written by Jennifer Klein, October 14, 2008
When I was younger I hated my name - in my third grade class there were three Jennifers - after a while I stopped looking up if my name was only called once. Wherever I go I usually find more than one Jennifer. My Mom named me Jennifer June, which I always thought was a pretty combination. I also find that I don't mind being called "Jenny" b/c its usually said with affection - my Mom and sister used to call me Jenny Penny and a co-worker used to love calling me "Jenny Jen" - I can't say I ever minded either of these nicknames.
Is that with one n or two?
written by Jennifer Lillian, August 04, 2009
Who else hates this question? Every time I have ever filled out anything especially over the phone they ask, do you spell Jennifer with one n or two? I have met a lot of Jennifer's and to date only two were spelled with only one n. They should be responsible for themselves to identify themselves, and if nothing is said, there will be an understanding that it is most likely spelled with two n's.
Besides that, I like my name, whether it be Jenn, Jenny or Jennifer. One teacher would always ask me "What's a Jenni for?"
Love my name
written by Jennifer, September 09, 2009
I love my full name Jennifer Ray, but I go by Jenn and I love that to...I have options Jenn or Jennifer:) Dont call me Jenny though!! :)
Jennifers are adorable...
written by carolina, April 01, 2010
i guess the name jennifer is very popular... everywhere i go there's jennifer, movies, tv's personalities, celebrities... jennifer is fact i named my eldest child jennifer, right now shes succesful in her choosen career. I guess this name comes with goodluck, im lucky to have such a good loving daughter named jennifer...
written by gennifer, August 26, 2010
i recently discovered my name was gennifer, not jennifer!
although, i still continue to spell it with a 'j' because im so used to it!

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