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The name Quinn is a baby boy name. The name Quinn comes from the Celtic origin. In Celtic The meaning of the name Quinn is: Wise. The original spelling is Ó Cuinn.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Celtic
Meaning: Wise.
Expression number: 3
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.50 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 69

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Great name for a girl
written by Irish Girl Name, September 24, 2007
Great name for a girl. Don't do this to a boy!!! It means Queen. Everyone knows, Q is for Queen. Perfect for a beautiful girl!
written by tina fishwick, October 14, 2007
my 5 year old son is called quinn, i fell in love with it straight away and everyone thinks is really suits him
it is a unisex name suitable for both sexes
he is also definatly his name sake and very wise not just top of his class but an old head on young sholders
written by quinn, November 23, 2007
i am not wise.. therefore, this meaning is WRONG.

My 11 year old son...
written by DonnaMaria, December 26, 2007
is named Quinn and it suits him to a T. Everyone compliments him on it and he is indeed very wise. ;)
this is my last name
written by Quinn, January 01, 2008
this is a last name. it always annoyed me when people had two first names, such as Adam Stevens or something but its even more annoying to meet someone who has my last name as their first name! lol
I'm a girl!
written by Quinn, January 30, 2008
Quinn can be a girl's name, too! I'm a girl and my name is Quinn, and I've met a few other people who are girls named Quinn, so yeah and also I'm NOT wise! lol
Quinn named for a whole family
written by Karrie, March 02, 2008
My maiden name was Quinn and I always intended to name my first child Quinn, boy or girl. My first child turned out to be a boy and the name Quinn fits him well. Quinn is a great, strong name!
Middle name?
written by Shanna, June 21, 2008
I would love to name my baby Quinn if it is a girl, but I am having a really hard time coming up with a middle name to go with it. Any suggestions? Thanks!
either /or
written by Jennifer, October 13, 2008
I love this name for a boy or girl and it is my front runner either gender we have.
written by Tahlia McMurtrie, June 19, 2009
I love this on a girl!! Quinn Ihla (eye-luh) for a girl middle name??
written by Kara, July 25, 2009
my sisters name is quinn and i want to switch names with her i love this name!
Unique and Perfect!!
written by Quinn, August 09, 2009
My name is Quinn and I love it!! I am a girl and I do prefer girls to be named Quinn because I think it is more feminine and very unique! I am Chinese and everyone says the names fits me SO well. My middle name is Xiu (it came from my original Chinese name) and is pronounced like Shoe. Sounds awesome right!?!?! Quinn Shoe. I am young right now but I think I will definitely be wise when I grow up so it fits!
written by Ana Belle, August 10, 2009
What a beautiful name for both sexes! Strong and handsome for a boy and beautiful and unique for a girl. I am planning to name my child this; boy or girl :)
that's me!
written by Quinn, August 18, 2009
My name is Quinn Marie, and I love it. Everyone I ever meet ALWAYS without fail compliments me on my name. The only time it's a little annoying is when meeting someone in a loud place or something like that and they might think your name is Gwen, which is also a pretty name, but I hate having to re-state my name again. But the uniqueness of my name far outweighs this one small issue.

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