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The name Sawyer is a baby boy name. The name Sawyer comes from the Celtic origin. In Celtic The meaning of the name Sawyer is: Cuts timber.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Celtic
Meaning: Cuts timber.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 4
Average Visitor Rating: 4.83 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 23

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written by Sawyer, December 04, 2007
My daughter is Sawyer, and we've met two other girls named Sawyer since she was born. Disney also used "Sawyer" as a girl's name in a movie. In a different movie, Cats Don't Dance, the heroine is Sawyer. So it's not really a boy's name any more!
written by Sawyer, December 31, 2007
You probably shouldn't base whether a name is female or male on a Disney movie.
written by sawyer, January 06, 2008
names shouldn't be only for one sex or another. naming a child is a very personal thing. I do think that some celebs have odd names for their babies or that some names are predetermined to be either male or female, however it should be up to the families and no one else should really have a say about it.
My Daughter is Sawyer too
written by Sidsaw, February 06, 2008
I agree with the naming of the child being a personal thing. I love the name Sawyer for my daughter, and thank you for giving me the name of the movie "Cats Don't Dance", because it was that movie that pushed us into the name Sawyer. She has a twin sister named Sidney also.
written by Sawyer, February 08, 2008
I think there will be alot of boys named Sawyer soon because of the popular guy on Lost.
my son is named sawyer
written by sawyer, February 19, 2008
we looked for a name that had a meaning to do with trees/forest (we are looking to live a simple life on an acreage in AR) it also helped that there was a cute guy on a new tv show (at the time) Lost (this was in 2005)
written by Brenda, October 15, 2009
I agree that Sawyer is fast becoming a boys name. I know so many girls that are pregnant right now that have Sawyer on their list. I used the name Dana 23 yrs. ago for my daughter when most boys were named Dana. But it too soon became more of a girls name than a boys name. I think the same thing is happening with Sawyer, but in the reverse, it is going from a girl's name to a boys name rather quickly.
written by Nikki, December 28, 2009
I am expecting a boy in May and we are naming him Sawyer. I got it from the show One Tree Hill and thought it was the coolest name. I figured it would be a pretty unique name but am hearing more and more lots of other little boys named Sawyer....
i love lost
written by helena, June 12, 2010
i am gonna caller my child sawyer because i love lost

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