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The name Astrid is a baby girl name. The name Astrid comes from the Danish origin. In Danish the meaning of the name Astrid is:  Divine strength.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Danish
Meaning: Divine strength.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.49 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 64

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I don't like it!........
written by Astrid Rodriuez, December 24, 2007
I really don't like my name because when I was younger kids used to tease me and call me names like ass-trid or ostrich,but now I guess I'm getting use to it.
Astrid, A gorgeous name
written by Christine Ellen, January 22, 2008
Ladies, appreciate this name. It is Gorgeous - It means beautiful as a goddess. It was my mother's name and she fit it perfectly. It also means impulsive to love. How much grander is that? Astrid, a beautiful name, with a wonderful scandinavian heritage!!!!
written by astridmorgan, January 23, 2008
Never got teased and have live here and in Europe, I think it is a wonderful gift to give a child a unique name. I think in some odd way it builds a good character and it also really is cool when you are a young adult heading out into the world of dating ; )
Wonderful Name
written by Astrid Johnson, January 26, 2008
I believe that this name has made my life wonderful. I've been very successful in life and I believe that it is because of this name that I have been so lucky in life. I recieve many compliments on my name, it's wonderful. Enjoy it ladies!
written by valeria astrid, February 01, 2008
i am actually not very fond on my name. i usually dont say it and not many people outside my family know it.
written by Morgan Hafterson, February 20, 2008
This is such a wonderful name! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it.
this is a wonderful name!!!!!!!
written by Astrid Torpy, February 21, 2008
my mother chose this name for me and like all the rest of you i got picked on by other kids, but it was such a unique name that i think the other kids were jealous. this name has a strong meaning and i think that's important when naming your child. when i found out the meaning of my name i had better self-esteem because my name is special. that's why i name my son Lazarus, because having a special name gives meaning to your life. i only knew of one other person who had the same name as i did, and now because of the internet i can see how many people have this name. it's great!!!! we're like a gang :)
written by ASTRID DENNISON, February 25, 2008
I named my daughter Astrid, after myself, Ingrid, she`s beautiful, long blond hair big blue eyes people look at her and hear Astrid and say Ahhhhh She didn`t like it at first but now shes in high school she loves it. we do look scandinavian so i knew the name would fit.
i like
written by leda, March 21, 2008
i love this name. My brothers name was astrit . i lovit
Astrid will always be number 1
written by Astrid Johansson, June 17, 2008
I love this name. So different and unique. We are all goddesses and this name says it all. I did get teased but i never wanted to change my name. Not many of us around so lets stay together and let everyone know that the name callings are sooooooo old and to come up with somthing new.
My devine strength....
written by Karinda, August 02, 2008
I have recently named my daughter Astrid. For all those who do not like your name, I have named my daughter this because of the meaning that it holds. I suffered lots of personal problems throughout my pregnancy with my daughter, however, she was, without a doubt my 'divine strength' that got me through everything. She arrived 6 weeks early and is unbelievably strong and beautiful! I believe the name to hold very true to its meaning. It is a beautiful name and those who are lucky to have been blessed with this name should be proud, as I am sure if you give it a second to think about it, you will realize that at some time in your life you have been someone's 'divine strength....
written by astrid, December 23, 2009
My names Astrid and I used to get teased with Ass-trid or Ostrich but now I realize the beauty in the name. When I meet people older than me, they appreciate the name too. They always complement me on my name and I am thankful my parents gave it to me.
written by Kelsey, March 02, 2010
I really like this name but prefer the pronunciation of astrid said 'aztrid' but with a soft s (i know, asstrid) better than austrid. What do you ppl think?
I like it
written by Astrid Mulder, April 17, 2010
I was born in Holland where it was a popular name and pronounced properly at all times. So, as a child I didn't have a unique name. However, when we immigrated that changed.

I hate the pronounciation of Ass trid, especially with people lean heavily on the first three letters. I also got Ostrich but in my opinion is just stupidity. I like Aus trid (the Aus should be as short as possible when pronouncing it. It should almost sound like the a in the word all.)

I do get a lot of compliments on my name and wouldn't consider changing it because that's who I am. I'm proud of it.

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