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The name Arabella is a baby girl name. The name Arabella comes from the Dutch origin. In Dutch The meaning of the name Arabella is: Beautiful.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Dutch
Meaning: Beautiful.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 8
Average Visitor Rating: 4.67 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 67

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written by Laura Voyce, February 09, 2008
beautiful name! it's almost quite posh sounding! it reminds me of royalty like... Princess Arabella. Nice ring to it. I think it's wonderful!
written by Lydiloo, February 13, 2008
i loooove this name!
I know someone...
written by Eira, February 17, 2008
...with this name. Her full name is Arabella Schnae (Shi-ney). I love it.:]
My Baby's Name
written by CindyB, February 19, 2008
This is what I named my baby girl. And like the name, she is beautiful!
written by Rachie, February 22, 2008
We named our third daughter Arabella Grace - obviously we love it - Bella for short, a very femine, pretty name.
written by Keri, March 08, 2008
We named our daughter Arabella Grace as well. We love the name and in Latin, it means answered prayer.
twisted the spelling
written by Ari_mom, March 21, 2008
Named our daughter Aribella Mary

I've read on other sites that Aribella means beautiful lion, and that is an apt description of my daughter!

Love it, though many others think her name is Annabella or Isabella. Oh well.
if i have a daughter
written by Chelsea, April 16, 2008
if my baby is a girl her name will be Aeryss (air-iss) Arabella
my 5yr old came up wit arabella
written by sabana, May 10, 2008
my 5yr old when she found out i was pregnet said she had a dream she was having a lil sis named arabella we jus found out we having anther gurl i luv the meaning to the name
written by Edward, June 02, 2008
We lost our son named Cole of 11 days in 2005. It obviously was very hurtful. Our daughter was born on 10/04/06, named Arabella, which means answered prayer. We also added the middle name Sky, which to me means an answered prayer from heaven.
My Boyfriend's family.
written by anonymous., August 27, 2008
My partners family are Dutch and when we have a family i would love to give my child a Dutch name to honour his family and their heritage..
It's great to know that one of the names i love is Dutch and means beautiful..
How lovely.. And I'm sure his family would love it too.
written by Olivia Karn, October 06, 2009
This name is GORGEOUS.
I just love it.
For some reason I really like names that start with an "A". (:
My Bella Boo
written by Tanja, December 02, 2009
I found out I was pregnant last year. I started thinking of names almost immediately. I wanted something diffrent but not weird. I found this website and started going through all the names in every country and ethnicity available. I wrote down a handful of names. Arabella was one of them. I shared my list with my husband. Arabella won out over all the others. Now, I have a beautiful baby girl named Arabella Raine. Raine means queen. And she's definitely my little beautiful queen and she rules my world.
arabella is beautiful
written by cristi, September 05, 2010
It truly is. I first read it from a novel. At first I thought the author made it up. But then I started to look for it and found it means beautiful and answered prayer. I prefer to say it means "beautiful answered prayer".

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