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The name Elaine is a baby girl name. The name Elaine comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Elaine is: Shining light. An Old French form of Helen.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: French
Meaning: Shining light. An Old French form of Helen.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 4.50 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 67

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written by Elaine B, November 08, 2007
My name is Elaine. Named by my Dad. When I was a teen, I didn't like my name. I changed the spelling to Elayne. By the time everyone got used to it, I decided I really liked Elaine and liked that fact that my Dad named me. I later learned Elaine was a middle name of two of my cousins and also an aunt.
written by Elaine G., January 18, 2008
My name's Elaine, named by my dad too.
I disliked it at first because people here don't really know how to pronounce my name. But after that.. I'm proud of my own name. I absolutely love it. Guess what ? I love France too !
my name
written by elaine c, January 31, 2008
my name is elaine and it seems plain sometimes but my middle name is geri after my dad so elaine geri is quite nice i think
written by Elaine C, February 09, 2008
named after my mum Helen, which i really like.
shining light....
written by miranda.d., February 18, 2008
My little sister is about 16 and my mother named her
"ellane"...I think its very unique....she is definately something else!!!I love her thinking of naming my baby that if its a girl,but as a middle name.
written by wenney, February 21, 2008
I think Elaine is a beautiful name. My grandma (Grammy) has Elaine as her middle name. Her first name is Della. My husband and I have chosen to name our little girl, when she arrives, Isabella Elaine and call her Bella Elaine after her great "GREAT" grandmother.
written by jaye, February 24, 2008
I love the name Elaine - my Mom's name -
written by maui, February 27, 2008
i don't like it, it sounds flirt

written by Bananas, March 02, 2008
Elaine is a cuban name. My best friend is cuban and her name is Elaine.
written by elaine,india, March 05, 2008
elaine....thats my mom loved the name so she called me glad
March 04,2008
written by rita elaine, March 05, 2008
my middle name is elaine and i used to hate it now that i am older i love the name also my father named me. my intial's are REF the same of my father which makes me very proud also in response to comment from
Bananas just because your friend is cuban and has the name elaine does not mean the name is cuban.
written by elaine n , March 13, 2008
my name is elaine. i also didn't like it growing up because no one else had it and it seemed 'old' i love it now though. it was also my mom's middle name.
and to the poster who said it's cuban bc her cuban friend has it, uhh no. my son's name is sefton and that's english and he's irish, german and hispanic. his middle name is hawaiin and he's not.
written by dayja, March 22, 2008
i dont have any family member with the name elaine but i know an eighth grade girl with that name and personally i love it.
i love it
written by sarah, March 31, 2008
my middle name is elaine and so is my mothers....i love the name and if i have a girl her middle name will be elaine
written by Elaine, April 16, 2008
My Name is Elaine - and I have ALWAYS loved my name. I like names that are not very common. I don't know too many Elaine's. Also... My father choose my name, he died when I was 3 so that makes me like it even more.
Mixed emotions...
written by ElaineS, April 18, 2008
When I was a kid, having our name was a little hard because it was very rare that personalized stuff was ever in Elaine. Between the Judy Bloom book "You Give Me a Pain Elaine" that came out when I was 11 or 12 and Sr Louise at my grade school (Louise is my middle name), I had it a little tough. Now I have embraced my name. And it is kind of cool to know that my French ancestry is honored along with my German ancestry in my last name.
i love it
written by Shannon, August 03, 2009
my real name is shannon but i go by Elaine cuz people call me Shanna and sheran and nobody can find an insolted to the name Elaine and cuz its my middle name its so pretty
Too similar to mine
written by Elaina, May 20, 2010
I love this name and would love to name my upcoming daughter Elaine but my name is Elaina. And that would be too similar.

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