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The name Ella is a baby girl name. The name Ella comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Ella is: Medieval given name meaning all..

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: French
Meaning: Medieval given name meaning all..
Expression number: 3
SoulUrge Number: 6
Average Visitor Rating: 4.39 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 66

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This sounds sooo adorable
written by Jkirsten, February 09, 2008
My fiance and I are having the hardest time finding a first name for our baby which will be here in a couple of months, and this name sounds so cute and I have never actually met anyone with this name before. So I like the idea of our baby having a name that there won't be 10 other kids in her class with her name.
I love this name!
written by Jkirsten, February 09, 2008
I love love love love this name. I think it is so pretty and I want to use this name soooo bad and my fiance what does he have to say? But I don't like the name Ella. Grrrrrrrr I want this name and I'm the one giving birth.
written by ShondaNicole, February 18, 2008
I like the name as well. My husband loves it. His grandma was named Ella and we are hoping for a girl. If so, we are going to name her Ella Denise. After his grandma and my mother. We already have two boys. IF you fiance don't like try something similar. Even though,you are doing the pushing he still help make the baby and should be able to help with the name.
it means her in spanish
written by Liliana, March 08, 2008
Ella= she in spanish
ella es bonita= she is pretty
written by biba, March 19, 2008
in my baby naming book, Ella means beautiful fairy maiden.
I know somebody who has just called their new born Ella-Grace, very elegant!
p.s I also know of a baby called Tullae very qute in the dance world.
written by Ella-Kate, May 04, 2008
My name is Ella Kate. I think it's pretty. And good luck to 'i love this name'. It is a pretty name and i know no one else called Ella.
written by Sarah , September 08, 2009
Ive always loved Ella-Louise when i have a girl this is the name im using :)
written by Dayna Ford, September 26, 2009
After having a hard time coming up with names we could agree on, we named our little girl Ella Vivian. He came up with Ella (after Ella Fitzgerald) and Vivian is my grandmother's name. Although Ella isn't as unique as it used to be, it's a perfect fit for her. And at age 4, she absolutely loves her name.
written by Ella, July 09, 2010
I love the name Ella! I mean it is my name :) Sometimes I wish it wasn't because also I want to name my daughter Ella :) frustrating when people think your name is Emma... eyhh not as pretty. and to Ella Kate... that is what my mom wanted to call me. I am ella catherine (ella cate) but the cate never stuck... I really like it though.
It also stinks that Ella is becoming more popular. I used to be the only one under the age of 85 lol but now they are everywhere!

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