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The name Nicole is a baby girl name. The name Nicole comes from the French origin. In English The meaning of the name Nicole is: the feminine form of the boy name Nicholas. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: French
Meaning: the feminine form of the boy name Nicholas.
Average Visitor Rating: 3.85 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 334

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written by Nicola/Nicky, October 20, 2008
Nicola is not a french name but comes from the Greek origin meaning vicory of the people.
written by Nicole, June 05, 2009
wow i thought i was the only nicole who wore her surname first letter through out school - I hated being nicole s - but I think Nicole is a name for a woman not a child - I hated it as a kid but I love it now
written by nicole szabo, September 28, 2009
My parents wanted a boy, and for their first child they named her Danielle, that way they could at least call her Dani, which they liked as a boy and a girl nickname. Then, after i turned out to be a girl, they named me Nicole so they could call me Nicki, which they liked also as a boyish nickname. finally they got their boy, Richard III. I like the name Nicki though, especially with the c-k instead of k-k. it is more boyish, but i grew up a bit of a tomboy too, so i never minded. even now, being much more girly, i prefer Nicki to Nikki.
written by Mariah, November 03, 2009
My name is Mariah Nacole. My mom wanted the Ma, Na to play off of each other. Everyone thinks my middle name is Nicole though because it is so common where as Nacole is not. I have NEVER met a person with the name Nacole.
daughters middle name
written by Dusti, November 14, 2009
i have always loved this name. its my daughters middle name but i spell it..NYKOLE..
written by !!!!!, March 09, 2010
i hated my name in school. they would make fun of me by callin me nicola which if u say it in spanish it kinda sounds like "my butt". i begged my mom to change it. :'(
nicole name can be a name boy:)
written by nicole, June 11, 2010 name is nicole i know you are thinking i am a im not a girl im a boy :):):)..some of people asking me you are a boy but your name is nicole ...i said i dont know why my name is nicole ..hehehe.. :)..btw i swear im a boy and my name is nicole :)
Not that common
written by Nicole, August 02, 2010
It is NOT as common as you make it out to be. I love my name and I feel it's very uniqe!
written by Nichole, September 19, 2010
My name is Nicole AND I HATE IT. It is spelled Nichole. Some people in my class call me cole (which is a boys name) so some of the jerks in my class say cole, that's all your going to get for christmas cole. And scenes my middle name is lynn and if u say it really fast together it sounds like colin ( also a boys name

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