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The name Roxanne is a baby girl name. The name Roxanne comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Roxanne is: Dawn.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: French
Meaning: Dawn.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.51 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 31

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My Name is Roxanne
written by Roxy D, February 22, 2008
When I was little I was unsure about my name, it seemed so unfair to have this name know one else had. Now I'm 24, and I absolutely love it! People always tell me how lovely my name is and that is such a good feeling. All my friends and family call me Roxy which I also love!
My Name is Roxanne
written by Roxy D, February 22, 2008
When I was little I was unsure about my name, it seemed so unfair to have an unusual name. Now I'm 24 and I absolutely love my name. My friends and family call me Roxy which I also love! I still don't know another Roxanne so it makes me feel special.
I love my name
written by Roxanne Angie, March 01, 2008
My name is Roxanne Angie. I was named after my Grandmother (Anne) and my Great-Grandmother (Angelina). Growing up I didn't like my name because it seemed "odd" to me, but as I've matured I absolutely LOVE my name.
written by Roxanne5, March 04, 2008
My name is Roxanne Marie, I am 41. The name used to be very rare, i didn't come across any Roxanne's until I got older. Now they are all over.
written by Raven Nicole, March 11, 2008
I love the name Roxanne! My mother is going to have a baby girl in a few months, and I would love it if she named her that. I've always loved that name, and I sometimes still wish that was my actual name. But I'm happy with the name I was born with: Raven.
How 'bout Roxine?
written by Amber Nicole, March 14, 2008
I want to call my upcoming baby girl Roxy so instead of Roxanne, I was thinking about naming her Roxine. I really like it, I am also thinking about Roxanna.
written by Roxanne, May 26, 2008
My name is Roxanne Lynne, and my parents actually got my name from a baby book by randomly choosing. I use to hate my name because I was teased all through middle and high school but I really love it now that I'm in college. its not a very common name at all. I always wanted my name to be Roxanna though : ) I was born at 6:34 in the morning though so I suppose Roxanne is better in the end. I rather people sing me Roxy Heart from Chicago than the police song though.
My middle name.
written by Erin, June 20, 2008
My name is Erin Roxanne and I love it. Roxanne is such a pretty name and I plan on naming my first daughter Ellie Roxanne!
written by Nik, June 21, 2008
i LOVE LOVE LOVE the first name Roxy, with the middle name Lola (Roxy not short for Roxanne, but for Roxanna)i think its so gorgeous. it just sounds trendy & amazing. 'Roxy-Lola' oh i love it.
My Name!
written by Roxanne Isabel, July 10, 2008
My name is Roxanne Isabel. I used to get so mad at my mom for naming me that. I just wanted to be named like everyone else, but it seems as I got older I learned to love my name. I love how not a whole lot of people have it! The only thing that I don't like about it, is if I go anywhere and tell people my name they start singing the song! lol.
an amazing name
written by Roxanna, July 18, 2008
my name is Roxanna but i go by Roxanne....its funny because when people ask me whats my name and i tell them Roxanne i always get a compliment of "what a nice name or what a sexy name" then again depending who's asking (lol) it has become quite a popular name over the past few years and its about time parents are being more creative when choosing a name for their daughter because your typical mary, patty, susan etc.. are boring names.
My middle name
written by Miquita, July 29, 2008
My middle name is roxanne and i was named after my aunty on my dad's side and i think it goes really well with my first name Miquita (Ma-ke-ta)
written by rncates, October 03, 2008
My name is Roxann, I love my name except everyone wants to add that darn "e" at the and. And i love being sung to every time cause i was named after the song "roxanne" by the police. makes it fun!!!!
My Name
written by Roxanne, October 10, 2008
I was always and only called Roxy by my Father, now everyone close to me calls me Roxy. It makes me feel good! What i don't like is the association of the Police-Roxanne song, sung to me by almost everyone i've ever met. I wouldn't change my name for the world. Although i like to spell my name Rocsan, sometimes to be a lil different!
written by martha medina, October 30, 2009
i love this name im thinking about naming my daughter roaxanne. due in feb.1,2010

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