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The name Stephanie is a baby girl name. The name Stephanie comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Stephanie is: The female version of the Greek name Stephan.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: French
Meaning: The female version of the name Stephan.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 2
Average Visitor Rating: 3.89 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 309

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My Name
written by Stephanie , March 30, 2008
This is my name too. I never used to like it. I used to get teased about my name because of it being StePHANIE. So I used to get called Fanny. But I've gotten used to all that and I love the nicknames that can come from Stephanie such as Stephie and Steff. Some of my friends even make up their on special nickname for me such as Steffo, Steffuu, Stemephanie and Shnephanie. So I guess I've learned to love my name. I'm so glad that my mum and dad named me Stephanie because it's a name that can suit any age.
love it..
written by stephanie s. abadies, July 13, 2008
i aprreciated my name just lately.. at first i thought my name is very rare but when i entered college, in our class, we have 3 stephanie's.. well, im greatful anyway because they are the very people who became my friends and buddies.. since we have the same name, our classmates called us 1,2 and 3.:-)

my supposed to be name was Karen but my aunt insisted to name me stephanie.. so thanks to my aunt for giving me such a nice name.
written by stephanie, August 04, 2008
luvin ma name its french am french how wonderfull
i love it!
written by stephanie, September 21, 2008
i love my name very much!
im very lucky that no one has ever teased me during my years about my name!
it fits me perfectly !
alot of my friends call me steph, stephy or stephy wephy and i like it!
written by stephanie, July 03, 2009
i absalutly h8 my name

mabii all cme t luv et bt ah dwt et

n i khn ahlt ov stephanies lolz n mst ov thm are bitches jus lyk me hahhaah OJ
written by Stephenie L. Abshear, July 16, 2009
It's a great name I think it's intresting, I'm 40ish and growing up I rarely came across anyone called Stephanie, my name is also spelled with e's I didn't
mined. My husband calls me stephoney it's kinda cute. I love the French part too, I'm going there soon.
written by steffani p, July 24, 2009
I'm not a huge fan of my name, it's very common, BUT I do love the way my mom decided to spell it. It was unusual to spell names differently than normal during the era I was born. So, I'm glad that my mom chose to be different with it!! Makes me not mind it as much!
My best friend...
written by Caitlyn Gunther, September 23, 2009
My best friend's name is Stephanie, and I love the name. So does she. That was her name because it was the only thing her dad would agree on :)
written by Perry M., January 11, 2010
If i had a little stephanie i would call her Steph. I think its so cute!
My name
written by Stephanie, January 16, 2010
I am a quadruplet of four girls! And im the youngest called Stephanie. I didnt really like my name much Stephanie Isabelle never seemed cool enough till i met my best friends now who all call me Stoofie or Stephy Wephy. I sort of like my name now.
written by Steffani L., April 16, 2010
During my childhood/adolescent years, I was never too crazy about my name (or even for my Mother's unique way of spelling it) I suppose as a child I couldn't find my name (and definitely not the spelling of it) when I wanted to buy the cute personalized items (i.e. pencils/pens, mini custom license plates,Disneyland accessories, etc.) that seem to have everyone's name except mine.

But, I'm happy to say that as I came into my maturity, I am blessed to have such a BEAUTIFUL & REGAL name. And I appreciate my Mother's flair for uniqueness in the spelling, especially back in the 60's. It's nice to see that in the recent years, this spelling (as well as other variations) have gained popularity. When I studied over in France back in the 80's for a year, I was especially honored in having such a name of royalty. (Let's not forget Princess Stephanie of Monaco) ;-)
written by stephanie, May 16, 2010
when i was younger I hate my name. I live in a portuguese country so people cannot pronounce it very well, neither read it. normally, people ask me to repeat it thousand times in order to understand it. . so I found my name completely weird. but, nowadays I kind of like it. It's sweet and cute.
written by Stephanie Michele, September 16, 2010
my name is Stephanie Michele.
growing up i never really thought much of it. though when i was in elementary school, the other kids would poke fun at me...calling me either stephen michael or step-on-me (i so i did) my mum always told me that the first time she heard my name she thought it the most beautiful name ever. later on she told me where she got my name....her ex husband (my biological fa***r) chose it. i wish she had went with her original choice and called me Madeline. i absolutely adore that name. oh well

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