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The name Taylor is a baby boy name. The name Taylor comes from the French origin. In French The meaning of the name Taylor is: A tailor.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: French
Meaning: A tailor.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 5
Average Visitor Rating: 4.47 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 43

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Comments (15)Add Comment
written by Anna Marie, October 07, 2007
taylor can be a boy or a girls name
written by taylor, December 03, 2007
I am a girl and the name works for me!!!!
written by Taylor R, January 20, 2008
my name is Taylor and i am a girl
written by Taylor Sego, January 22, 2008
i only know 2 other guys named Taylor and one is the actor form planet of the apes
written by Taylor Hall, January 22, 2008
I love my name! It is fun and not as common as say Elizabeth or Anna.
written by Taylor Davis, March 04, 2008
Taylor is a cute name it best fits a girl boys named taylor is just weird

written by Magentarayne, March 21, 2008
boys named Taylor are rare now... but it was predominantly a boy's name until mid 1990
written by Katie, April 30, 2008
i prefer Taylor as a boys name
daughter named Taylor
written by katie, May 12, 2008
We chose the name Taylor for our daughter because it is a name that both sexes use. We thought it would help her if she went into business. Taylor is a strong name, not prissy or ultra girly. We love the name, and my daughter loves her name as well.
written by brittan, June 13, 2008
I have a son named Taylor James. But it can go both ways. I have a cousin who named his little girl Taylor. It fits all the way around.
written by Alyssa, July 11, 2008
I personally think Taylor is a boy name. Maybe it's because the only Taylors that I've known are boys...and then there's Taylor Hanson....I love the name though.
written by Yvonne, August 18, 2008
I love this name for a girl, i always thought of naming my 2nd daughter jessica-taylor but i think i prefer just plain taylor.
My Brother is named Taylor
written by Jaylee, September 20, 2008
Wow Hearing all theese comments I have a 10 Year old brother who's names Taylor and we call Him Tay or Taylay just for fun because i have bestfreind named Taylor and we call her Tay tay its funny
written by Clara, January 22, 2010
Okay we don't need to know if your name is Taylor or not. You're supposed to be posting comments, not telling the world your name. And it doesn't work both ways: This is the french version. Check out the American GIRL version.
Our 11 year old daughter Taylor
written by Shell Finderup, April 14, 2010
Hi there. We choose the name Taylor for our daugther in 1999. I think we found it, from the tv programme the Bold & the Beautiful. Taylor in that was gorgous. So we went with it, and put it with my middle name and my mothers middle name, Ann. Taylor has turned out to be a gorgeous, blond, happy, caring and clever young lady. So please we went with Taylor, as in our suburb no one else at school, Kindy or Daycare is called Taylor. The same with all our kids, no Stefan or Ivy too.

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