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The name Riley is a baby boy name. The name Riley comes from the Gaelic origin. In Gaelic The meaning of the name Riley is: Valiant.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Gaelic
Meaning: Valiant.
Expression number: 6
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.31 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 139

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My son Riley
written by Riley, February 28, 2008
Riley is the name of my adorable baby son. I do agree its also a lovely name for a girl, but do prefer it for a boy.
written by Beautiful Girl Name, March 03, 2008
I was recently in a store where they had barrettes with names hand painted on them. Very pretty! And one of the names they have is Riley. I think that says it all. I picture a beautiful girl whenever I hear the name.
my sons name is riley
written by ttammyy08, March 05, 2008
My infant son's name is Riley. I have heard some people say that its a girls name and others say no no its a boys name, but in my opinion i think the whole name your daughter riley is a name fad/trend that is going on right now. Names are popular within certain times and then it passes. But overall i mean we named him Riley because of the Irish origin and its meaning and we also liked it because it was a blend of my middle name and my husbands name ( ryan ) Ryan , Tammy, Riley has the sound of the first syllable ( Rye ) and then the second from my middle name lee( eee sound ) . . Riley.

People are always going to talk smack and give their opinions about baby names and my opinion is i dont think its a girls name but if the next person named their daughter Riley , I wouldn't mind. To each their own.
Beautiful Girl Name
written by Best for the girls, March 05, 2008
I don't think this is a fad/trend of naming girls Riley as the person above mentioned. Riley looks and sounds very pretty and looks girly when written. It's a beautiful Irish girl name. Sorry, but I don't see anything masculine about it. And males don't like to have anything girl like associated with them. Most male Leslie's go by Les before Leslie became only given to girls. Newborn boys being named Riley I think will be on the decline.
Baby Name Poll
written by Goes to the girls, March 05, 2008
Today I saw a posting asking if Riley is a name better used for Girls or Boys. Over 80% responding said it is a name best used for a girl. I have to agree. It sounds very feminine and pretty.
This Name Can be a Girls or a Boys Name.
written by neutral, March 11, 2008
I believe this name is neutral, because I am from an Irish family and my last name is Riley. I know many girls and boys named Riley. I think spelling the name differently is very cool. My name is Aisja and it comes from the name Asia. I like my name because it makes me who I am. Also you have to remember Riley originated from the name O' Riley.
my sons name is riley
written by lou, March 16, 2008
my sons name is riley, he is 8 now. when a chose his name i had only heard it on buffy, it is getting popular now,,but i like it more for a boy then a girls name..
written by Buffy, March 25, 2008
Riley can be a girls or boys name i mean come on does it really mater? It is a beautifull girls name in fact i like i better as a GIRLS NAME!
Lets be a little open minded
written by Oh boy , March 27, 2008
Im quoting someone on here that said:

"The name was created for boys & has been used for decades on boys! Just b/c people started using this name for girls 10 years ago or so does not mean it's a girl's name"

If you think about it there are soooo many endless names out there that were intended for girls/boys and now a days were saying that no this is a girls name, no thats a boys name, etc. I mean says whom, i mean really ? We can name our children how we want to name them period and i personally dont need a public justification as to what gender it fits living in the year 2008 and whats the hottest name trend, its silly.

Ive named my son Riley Philip and in my opinion its a very masculine name and it has meaning behind it, the definition is "valiant" that doesn't sound in definition "feminine" to me. lol My husbands name is Ryan and his mother was going to name him Ryan even if he was born a girl ( gasp ! ) I mean really . .

To each their own really when it come down to it, i wish people would stop preaching about what is a girls name now a days and yes it is a trend, thats why people out there are kind of puzzled because they thought it was a boys name. The name was originally for males, what does that tell you ? Ashley was originally a boys name and we have transformed it in society to a girls name. Its all in how you look at it, again to each their own , but it was originally a boys name and in respect to us that name our sons RILEY yes it is still a boys name.
written by BRAE, April 12, 2008
My husband and I are spelling our daughter's name Reiley to add some uniqueness to this name. One person in particular on this blog posted that it is a fad but then comments that she named her son this name. If it is such a trend that will come and go then maybe it should apply to both sexes. Anyway, we chose this name because of the Irish origin and my name is Raechelle and his is Ryan, so it blends perfectly. Thanks for your permission to name my daughter Reiley, ttammyy08!
written by Anamarija Riley, April 12, 2008
My middle name is Riley, and I'm a SHE! Riley is very good for a boy, it sound gentle and warm-hearted when it's on a boy, makes him look better. I agree that it is originally a boy's name, but does it matter of it is a boys or a girls name? it's about do you like it and will you child like it. Unisex names are in now, names like Paris, Logan ( who'd thought it's a girl name too?!) Ashley... Riley. I love it because it expresses my hot temper and masculine mind. Riley is a name for both, boys and girls, and THAT'S OK!! Chill out, people, I don't think that will affect your child if it has an Unisex name ( the problem is when the CHILD is unisex). IN each case, the name Riley is great, no matter if it's for a girl or a boy!

One word.
written by Lizzie, July 16, 2008

Sheesh. Have a spasm XD

I've heard it both ways, and I don't particularly mind it for any scenario, however I PREFER it for a female. One day I was hit with a crazy command to name a very important female character of my story Rhiley. (Yeah, the 'h' doesn't seem to be very common if you look through the majority of people's alterations of the name. Which is one reason in particular I chose to spell it like such.) Riley, Rhiley, Ryleigh, and all the other crazy combinations... nice name, nice name.
written by Selena, September 17, 2008
My nephew's name is Ryley. I think it's a very masculine name and is perfect for a little boy, while it will grow with him to be a strong man's name. His name is Ryley William James, there's nothing feminine about that, and there's definitely nothing feminine about Ryley! But, each to their own. Does it really matter if it's a girl's name or a boy's name? As long as the parents like it, that's all that counts. And you wouldn't name your kid something you didn't like, would you?!
written by Lesley, October 04, 2008
My oldest son's name is Riley he is 4 and loves his name. I agree it can be either a masculine or feminine but I personally found it more masculine. I think it suits him beautifully. But this is 2008 about to be 2009 I think we are way past labeling names. Its gorgeous for a girl and handsome for a boy. BEAUTIFUL NAME ALL AROUND =)
My little man...
written by Rebecca, October 17, 2008
We named our son Riley for two reasons. The Irish Origin. and secondly because my late father-in-law loved to play the guitar and was a fan of BB King, whose real name is Riley. So a bit of trivia to add in there. It seems like four years ago when we chose this name for our baby boy, everyone we knew had or knew of a little girl named Riley. We caught flack for it. I can't tell you how many times we heard about someone's second cousin's uncle's brother who had a little girl named Riley. Did it bother me? No, it really doesn't. It's originally a boy's name. And there's no name more fitting for my sweet tender-hearted little bear with a heart of gold. Just don't tell me it's supposed to be a girl's name! LOL It's unisex. Our eldest is named Skyler- that's unisex, too. Although, we didn't plan it that way. We just thought Skyler made a very pretty girl's name. At the end of the day, I don't care if it's used on a boy or a girl... I would much rather hear of someone naming their baby girl Riley, than hear of someone naming their baby girl Moon or Zodiac. Many boys names have crossed over in recent years, and there's nothing wrong with that...

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