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The name Adolf is a baby boy name. The name Adolf comes from the German origin. In German The meaning of the name Adolf is: Variant of Adolph: Noble wolf.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: German
Meaning: Variant of Adolph: Noble wolf.
Expression number: 2
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 2.32 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 84

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written by your mom, February 15, 2008
if you name your kid adolf you should go to hell
written by Svensen, February 22, 2008
Adolph was a long time family name of mine on my mother's side. I think its sad my grandfather immediately changed his name when WWII broke out (his name was Adolf and he was of Jewish decent). He became Bob :( One man and now I can't pass the name down. Hitler ruined a beautiful name...and why not Joseph (Stalin) who actually killed more of his people than Hitler...over 35 million!!!
written by Amy G, February 23, 2008
omg people its just a name a name does not define the person. the person is defined by his/her raising
written by Simone., March 02, 2008
The Jewish community may be a smidgen upset at the name but no one can hold grudges forever. If your last name is Hitler steer away. Children won't tease your child about this name until they apply subject-verb agreement with their curses.
written by sammi, March 30, 2008
i love this name and its a great name!!!! :]
Das ist nicht so gut.
written by Genevieve, May 03, 2008
You have got to be kidding! NO ONE in the U.S., Europe, or any WWII involved country can hear this name without thinking Hitler. So if you want to be known as a white supremacist go ahead, name your kid Adolf.
written by Olivia, May 08, 2008
theres nothing wrong with calling your child adolf. Just because its accociated with hitler, its still an awsome name
written by Ryko, July 06, 2008
I adore this name and all those whom think it is terrible just because of Hitler- go play in traffic.
It is a GORGEOUS name. :3 Much love!
written by Stacy, August 05, 2009
What about JOSEPH? WELL?!
Adolf isn't a bad name.
Thats whats wrong with Adolf.
written by Bellaa, September 15, 2009
Okay true the name doesn't define the person but if you do name your child Adolf then they will be teased continusly, at my old school people would tease someone that had the last name Dick.
I mean come on the guy was like the most racsit person ever.
So yeah there is something wrong with the name. And about Joseph...not everybody knows who he is.
no way
written by laura11, September 15, 2009
why are people saying its okay to name your child Adolf. its not. like if your talking to your mom after you had your sweet baby boy and she say "Oh whats his name?" and you say "Oh it's Adolf."
and then you have the same conversaion with all your friends. of course there is something wrong with the name
Too many negative associations
written by Dayna, February 17, 2010
There is nothing wrong with a name but you are setting your child up for alot of problems in life with a name like this, not to matter yourself. They will get made fun of and don't be surprised if your friends and family don't jump for joy. Why not just pick a different name?
written by Skylar, March 18, 2010
im 10 years old and even I can relize its fine 2 name ur kid "Adolf" and im nameing my kid Adolf some day so if you think i should not name ur kid Adlof ur Retarded
It's just a name
written by Akenarimu, May 22, 2010
There nothing too wrong with that name, you can name your child that if you want but I personally wouldn't do it. Because people nowadays are so judgmental that they'll assume you support Hitler!

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