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The name Dresden is a baby boy name. The name Dresden comes from the German origin. In German the meaning of the name Dresden is: The name of the capital city of Germany. The word Dresden means "people of the riverside forest."

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: German
Meaning: The name of the capital city of Germany. The word Dresden means "people of the riverside forest."
Average Visitor Rating: 4.65 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 20

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written by Dresden, March 19, 2008
I think this name is super! I've been set on this name ever since I found out I was pregnant, and this is the first site I've seen it listed. Of course, I'm probably going to spell it with a 'z'.
yikes! read the history first
written by pdxmom, May 11, 2008
Dresden is most well known as a city that was horrifically bombed during WWII:

This is not an association that will go away --it was a significant historical event and is discussed in countless novels as well.
You can find bad associations for any name...
written by k770, July 03, 2008
This is a wonderful name, and today it is a great city...
Not just a city
written by Nicole Voss, October 05, 2008
"Dresden" is also the last name of a popular fantasy novel character: Harry Dresden, the only wizard advertised in the Chicago phone book.
I think some people are fond of the name for this reason.
written by Dresdon Dill, July 15, 2009
OOOPS! Harry Dresden series was not begun until 2000. W-a-a-ay-y-y-y-y after my birth of 1966!! Does anyone know of a character in a book in '66 or before with this name?
mi name
written by Dresden, July 27, 2009
Thiz iz mi name. Dresden. :]] nd ima girl... So reely thiz name can go anyway. I dont reely llike it cuz it sounds tew guy-ish... so me nd mi friends made sum nicknames fer me.... Exampe Drezzie. It can b spellled Drezy, Drezzie, Drez-zie,... etc. Or Drez iz a kewl nickname tew. If yu decide tew name yur kid thiz yu wont b dissapointed... She/He wood have a unique name yet easy tew prounace/Write... overall kewl name...
written by amanda, September 17, 2009
My Son's name is Drezden Gage and we call him drez or drezden we love his name it is very unique and fits him perfectly. I say this is a excellent name choice.
I love it, sooo unique!
written by kim18, December 08, 2009
I have chosen this name for my son as well! Dresden is a great name! Its meaning isn't "the bombing in Germany" it is " city of the riverside people" It was tragic what happened but it is a great city today and also a city in Ohio (among other characters and bands!) I don't like closed minded people that see the first thing that pops up on Google and automatically assume the worst. I like the way its spelled with a "z" too and I call him Drez as well :)

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