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The name Kiefer is a baby boy name. The name Kiefer comes from the German origin. In German The meaning of the name Kiefer is: Barrelmaker Variant of Cooper. Surname.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: German
Meaning: Barrelmaker Variant of Cooper. Surname.
Expression number: 9
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 4.32 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 24

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written by Rolanda, January 27, 2008
i know someone who has a friend called this, but spells the name as 'khyfer'
written by Alexander, February 13, 2008
Kiefer is the german word for "Jawbone".

Kiffer, spelled a little different is a german word for "pothead". Being bilingual in German/English I would find it partly amusing, partly disgusting to this name being given to anybody. Making a variation of this name is kind of silly. Why would anybody want to call their kid something that someone, somewhere will understand as a pothead or a jawbone.

I dunno.

Your call.

I wouldn't.
written by Stef, February 16, 2008
you wouldn't spell a "pothead" kiefer but kiffer in german.. and it is pornounced differently.
Kiefer is actually a tree in german, jaw bone or if you go further south to bavaria it means "nail biter"..
my friend
written by Barbara P, February 19, 2008
I have a buddy named kiefer he's korean I think. He's actually real funny and mad smart? hes kinda cute 2 i guess =)
written by quief master 2000, February 21, 2008
poor kid it sounds like quiefer

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