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The name Chloe is a baby girl name. The name Chloe comes from the Greek origin. In Greek The meaning of the name Chloe is: blooming.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Greek
Meaning: blooming.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.10 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 556

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My daughters name!
written by Christina, February 27, 2010
My daughter is Chloe Rae... I love that name!! It was hard for me to find a middle name. I have a large family and didnt want to use names of my neices or nephews! My son started calling her Coco because he couldnt say Chloe..and thats actually what she goes by.. me personally I like Chloe better! But either way...BEAUTIFUL NAME!!!
written by chloe, March 03, 2010
my name is chloe!! at first i didnt rlly like that name but now i luv it! my mom named me my full name is chloe mom named me after her frend who died of cancer... :( but anywayz..i luv the name haylen!!!
written by Abby Jardine, March 13, 2010
My sisters name is Kloee Amanda. I think it's really cute with the K and all. I think it is one of those names that is unique and popular all at the same time. =)
cute name
written by Lexi, May 05, 2010
Chloe is a cute name and very very popular. My niece is named Chloe Alyssa and she is 1 yr. old.
written by Natalie , June 07, 2010
I love Khloe with the "K". It is so beautiful! I am having my first baby next Jan and if it is a girl, I love Khloe Gabriella!
My baby girls name
written by Samantha DeMarcus, June 15, 2010
My fiancee and I have agreed on Chloe Desirae as our baby girls name. I fell in love with it imediately. In a round about way it means 'blooming desire'. Although I haven't met her yet I think it will fit her completely.
My daughter is named Chloey Kaylynn
written by Tonya, August 13, 2010
I loved the name Chloe. I too thought it was a name that you didn't hear everyday but I wanted a different spelling because I didn't think it looked right with having to put a ' above the e to make it be pernounced Chloe. I put the y on the end so it made a long E sound instead. My mom hated the way I spelled it. I hope Chloey grows up to like it has much as I do. As for a middle name I really liked Chloey Ann together but I ended up naming her middle name after my bestfriend named Kay Lynn.
Cute Name...:-)
written by Isabel Clare, August 22, 2010
I agree with Hailey; I think it looks cute with the K too!! I also like the spelling of Chloey because it's cute and not that many people have it. Anyway, I think it is a cute girl's name and I love the name Chloe Lorraine or Chloe Laurelle.

love my name!
written by chloe Mathijsen Greenwood, October 03, 2010
haha... well I think that chloe is a beautiful name for any child at first I thought that having that name was a bit of a hastle cause not averybody knew how to spell it but I soon came to like the different spellings,,, my mom named me Chloe Valerie (after my godmother) Pearl (after my great grandmother). Which s bassically Blooming feirce gem of the sea if you round it up and put it all in one meaning) although I do love the name Imelda (wise) or Kelly ( deffender/warior) I still like it

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