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The name Luke is a baby boy name. The name Luke comes from the Greek origin. In Greek The meaning of the name Luke is: a native of Lucania, a region of Italy. In Greek it is spelled Loukas.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Greek
Meaning: a native of Lucania, a region of Italy. In Greek it is spelled Loukas.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.33 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 79

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Considering it.
written by Bry, January 18, 2008
The fact that it's Greek and the whole family likes it is good.
I love that name
written by lucky, February 01, 2008
I think Luke is a sweet name as well as luka, and lukas
Love It
written by Blonde, February 21, 2008
I love this name, but would love a better meaning :P i saw somewhere that it means "Giver of Light"
my grandson's name
written by mima, March 20, 2008
I am so happy my daughter and her hubby named their baby boy Luke Anthony. It was the only name they could both agree on as my daughter wanted more unusual names and my son in law wanted the common names like robert, david, etc. Everyone is happy with Luke's name!!
Bible beautiful name
written by Lilian, June 09, 2008
My 2 1/2 years old son's name is Luke, that mean (light), I got from the bible, as soon as I sow the name I knew I had to name my child that if I had a boy .. We get tons of compliments on it and I wanted my child to have different and unique name with a perfect meaning. I LOVE IT ... and Luke really brought light to our lives, he is so sweet, so bright and adorable. Now I here it all the time.....:o)

i love it
written by elisabeth, September 13, 2008
my sister named her son Lucas Scott. we call him Luke though. I suggested it, and everyone in the family adored it.
My sons name
written by Kaitlyn, January 15, 2010
I named my son Luke after my father in law who was named after the author Luke Short.....I am very happy my hubby and I named him luke because the name suits him very well......
Lovvee it
written by Ashleigh, July 31, 2010
I love the name Luke with the full name of Lukas. It's so cute yet can fit a man. Every1 in the family loves it.

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