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The name Sophia is a baby boy name. The name Sophia comes from the Greek origin. In Greek the meaning of the name Sophia is: Wisdom. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Greek
Meaning: Wisdom.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.30 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 89

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I STILL love this name!
written by Mommy to 2, March 20, 2008
My almost 2 year old is named Sophia. We actually named her after my great grandmother and chose the name before we realized how popular it was! We still get tons of complements on her name. I think it is beautiful and it fits her perfectly!
written by J C 30, June 13, 2008
Far too popular and trendy now. The name has positively exploded in the last 10 years.
my grandmothers name...
written by Ashlee, September 10, 2008
is Sophia and I've always wanted to use it as a middle name for one of my daughters.
We love this name!!!
written by Bianca, September 14, 2008
We have a beautiful little granddaughter born 6/22/08 and named her Sophia Magdalena which suits her so well. Her character completely portrays the meaning of this name. It was meant for her.
My daughter's name
written by Jillian Rounds, September 28, 2008
I have loved this name since I was a little girl and with little convincing my husband agreed that our daughter would be named Sophia. It's the most perfect name for her, we call her Sophie most of the time.
Love this name.
written by kay., December 10, 2009
I am 13 weeks pregnant and for a girl i want to name her Ryan Sophia or Dylan Sophia either way sophia will be in there i love it
written by Amanda M., January 07, 2010
Sophia is a lovely, beautiful name. When I was a little girl I met a little Mexican baby at the hospital named was a very unique and very old-fashioned name then, and I decided that I wanted to name my first daughter Sophia then and there. Unfortuntely, over the past 5 years the name has become super-common and trendy. It's a shame, it's such a lovely name anyway.
My daughter
written by Astrid Mulder, April 17, 2010
Our youngest daughter, 8 is named Sophia. Our oldest daughter Monique named her (15 years older) It's the most perfect name for her. She loves her name and others like it too. I like Sophie as well, but wanted the shorter o sound. Sometimes we call her Sophie but mostly Sophia.
yea :]
written by Calli, July 25, 2010
if me and my boyfreind have a child we're gonna name her Sophia Audrey Davenport:] Hint hint:i mite jus be pregnant........
written by Sophia, August 14, 2010
hi im just about 15 years old and my name is Sophia! i really love it. an i always have people telling me how beautiful it is, i think its great name for anyone. its a cute name but i actually dont no many other people who have my name. its not as popular as some people think, but it is getting more attintion.
written by lindsay, August 15, 2010
i really really dont like this name :-I. but i do definatley like sophie.

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