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The name Tia is a baby girl name. The name Tia comes from the Greek origin. In Greek the meaning of the name Tia is: Princess.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Greek
Meaning: Princess.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.63 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 67

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Yay for Tia.
written by Tia Eager, February 11, 2008
i love my name. :) i love it because i have never met another Tia and it's unique, yet people know how to say it.
Tia Princess Um?
written by rara, February 18, 2008
Well just because you never heard your name before means nothing cus my twin, my cus, my auntie,and my very best friend and her twin sister has that name. I like that name too but all tia's are not don't get carried away.
You go Tia
written by Tia E., February 23, 2008
I love my name because there aren't many people named Tia. It's unique. I believe the people with the name Tia are outgoing and fun to be with like myself.
How do you say it
written by tan, March 18, 2008
Can someone please tell me how you pronounce this name. Is it exactly as it sounds? ie like Tia Maria the drink. It's pretty. Thanks
written by Linda Myring, June 19, 2008
Yes, it is a beautiful name isn't it? Not too common either! I named my second daughter Tia. She was born in December 2007. The word "Tia" is a slang for "Daddy" in Vietnamese...I named her in memory of my late father, whom I dearly missed so much...Also in honour of my father-in-law, whom I dearly love and is at the moment very ill. I did not know that it meant 'princess' in Greek....Well, my little girl is a princess....Thank you for this wonderful website.
written by rachel, January 23, 2010
Tia is actually short for venetia which is greek and means woman of venice.Tia itself is not greek and does not mean princess.It means aunt in spanish.
written by maggie, May 27, 2010
i love the name tia i think its beautiful im greek and i have always loved the name but just for the people that think its not greek it actually is. yes it is used by the spanish for aunt but it is also in fact greek....
written by Orestis, June 09, 2010
Well, I am greek and there is no word tia in greek at all, and it sure doesn´t mean princess in greek. I also have never heard of a greek called tia. It sounds italian or spanish. And venetia means venice, not woman from venice.
written by Tiarani, August 18, 2010
im so proud having this name. in Indonesia Tia is shorten from Mutiara which means Pearl. and in Bangladesh Tia means Parrot.. so for my name, Tiarani, means Queen of Pearl.. :p

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