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The name Vanessa is a baby girl name. The name Vanessa comes from the Greek origin. In Greek the meaning of the name Vanessa is: Butterfly.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Greek
Meaning: Butterfly.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.59 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 128

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Love this name!
written by Kelly-Jo, February 25, 2008
We were going to name our daughter Katelynn until we heard everybody else using that name. We decided on Vanessa because it's not a common name and there is no one in our family with this name.
Love the name
written by VIOLA, February 29, 2008
love it so much. my besties names is shelby!!!
written by Jessica Rose, March 02, 2008
i think this name is amazing
written by vanessa h. , March 03, 2008
my name is vanessa and im 20 everybody comments on my name they love it. its unique and very pretty, they use ness and nessa a lot also.
written by Vanessa L, March 17, 2008
my mom named me vanessa b/c she liked vanessa williams, I LOVE MY NAME
my name
written by vane, March 20, 2008
this is my name to and i dont think i could be named anything else
Vanessa`s make the world go round!
written by Vanessa I, March 20, 2008
My name is Vanessa becuase my mom thought it would be beautiful!! I love my name and think its the best out there!
written by vannessa, March 22, 2008
my names vannessa not vanessa so im very diff and never met anyone that spells it with 2 N's like me.
written by Fanessa, March 23, 2008
my name is fanessa. my parents changed it from a v to an f. i like my name but i am always called vanessa when people first hear my name.
quite like it
written by Katie, May 05, 2008
i actually quite like this name is very stylish. i love it a bit now. its very nice. but about half the reason i like it is because one of my role models is vanessa hudgens! lol
written by vanessa, August 04, 2008
I love the name Vanessa, it's strong, but yet is very sentual... To All the Vanessa's out there...Be Strong, Be Beautiful, Be Free...just like a butterfly :)
written by Vanessa, November 07, 2009
I was born in 79 and I never met anyone with my name till I was maybe 18. The only thing I can say about my name is that growing up I could never find pencils or cups or the stupid key chains with my name on it. these days I have no problem. So at 30 I am obsessed with items with my name on it.
regarding the nicknames - I have the normal ones I have seen V (I spell it VEE) and Nessa, my mom has always called me Vane (Van-nee)
Nickname for Vanessa
written by Liz, December 29, 2009
I named my daughter Vanessa and looked everywhere for a nickname I liked. Wasn't crazy about Nessa or Nessie. I came up with Nea. (like Mia with but with an N)If you look at the last 5 letters of Vanessa and take out the s's you're left with Nea. Cute and simple.

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