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The name Eli is a baby boy name. The name Eli comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Eli is: High, ascended, or 'my God'. Famous bearer: The Old Testament priest Eli cared for the prophet Samuel when Samuel was a child.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: High, ascended, or 'my God'. Famous bearer: The Old Testament priest Eli cared for the prophet Samuel when Samuel was a child.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 5
Average Visitor Rating: 4.75 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 45

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really like this name
written by becky, November 26, 2007
would really like to someday have a boy and give him this name but have recently (when pregnant w/ my daughter) found out that my brother named his dog this ...grr aparently they think its a dogs name and told me im silly for even considering it for a human ?! well too bad (lol) i want to have a boy and give him this name ...would anyone else do the same ?
I have used it and love it.....
written by meg, January 22, 2008
We named our son Eli and it is the most beautiful name. We get lots of comments on it, and i love that i have only ever come across one other child called Eli. Good luck with having a boy next time highly recommend the name
i luv it
written by nicoe, February 07, 2008
i just had a boy on june 16 of 06 his name is eli and i couldnt be any happier
Getting a new male puppy
written by Allister, February 16, 2008
I love this name. And since my boys are all grown up,
I'm naming my new pup -- Eli!
Mommy to Eli
written by Laura P, March 01, 2008
We adopted a little 2 yr old boy and named him Eli. It is a nice name with a nice meaning and you don't hear it all the time. We get lots and lots of compliments on his name!
International Youth Ambasador
written by Eli Flores, March 19, 2008
My name is Eli and i just recently visited Israel where my name is originally from. I was looked upon awkwardly for being Latino and baring this name. The root of this name even before My God is "God Is Exalted". I have now passed this name down to my first born and teach to do the same in his future generation.
Love this name
written by sarah, April 28, 2008
Im 14 weeks pregnant with my second child, i would love a boy and this name really sticks out from the rest, i also love Oscar which my fiance loves so either will suit me!
Lover to an Eli
written by Hannah , July 10, 2008
I am madly in love with a man named Eli. It really suits him as a person all around. He is a very passionate and genuine person. I believe everyone's name fits them, so if you want a boy that's going to grow up to be a softy with a humungous heart, then name him Eli.
our Eli
written by balmedout, April 28, 2010
my son-in-law loved the name Eli before he ever met our daughter. Eli Xavier was born last July and I really love the name. I think it is a strong name and not run of the mill where every third boy in the class will have the same name.

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