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The name Isabella is a baby girl name. The name Isabella comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Isabella is: Devoted to God.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Devoted to God.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.46 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 74

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written by wenney, February 21, 2008
My husband and I plan to name our daughter - if we have one - Isabella Elaine. It has a beautiful meaning and we know, especially for us, that if we have a daughter, she will be a true "gift" from God (through the miracle of adoption).
written by female, March 20, 2008
written by ..., March 21, 2008
I LOVE THIS NAME! i would totally go for this name if i have a little girl. i can't wait to call her Bella or Bells, or the whole thing...ISABELLA... huhh...the name just rolls off your tongue. I love it!! I can name her Isabella Rose or something.
written by Chloe Isabella, March 31, 2008
Isabella is my middle name, or second first name (one of the two!!), and I absolutely love it! With my name being Chloe Isabella it just sounds so nice, don't you think?? I always thought it had a ring to it.. ;]
I love this name Isabella.
written by Ullas, April 14, 2008
I call my daughter Isabella and her mom call her Isa and grandma calls her bella.

It goes well with my name :- Isabella Ullas
love it!
written by Kimberly, April 24, 2008
I have loved this name ever since I was about 14 years old. I plan to name my first daughter Isabella May. I want her to be known as Belle after my favorite movie- Beauty and the Beast
I think the name Isabella is...
written by Kaquoli Meli Reno, June 13, 2008
I think the name Isabella is beautiful! I only wish I could have more children so I could name a daughter that. Maybe one of my girls will name one of there daughters Isabella. That would be very nice...
written by clare matthews, July 15, 2008
Found Isabella Grace... LOVE IT!! I hope I have a girl so I can name her this name!! Thanks for all your comments - never thought about the nickname Bells :)
written by Meredith3, August 13, 2008
Sorry, I'm not crazy about this name. It is getting very popular though, so lots of people out there must like it!
Isabella Catriona
written by Leah, September 20, 2008
Isabella Catriona is my little sisters name. I love it and for her it fits perfectly! It's so beautiful.
Isabella Mae
written by Desiree, September 20, 2009
I like the name Isabella with the middle name Mae. Isabella Mae. So beatiful.

written by Samantha Vega, January 09, 2010
I like the name Isabella very much and plan to name my first daughter if and when i have one. Her name will be ISABELLA AMOR(Amor is Spanish for LOVE, in English her name is Isabella Love. =)
written by Stephanie, January 16, 2010
I am a quadruplet Of 4 girls. Im the youngest and Isabella and i are 2 minutes apart! I love her name and my middle name is Isabelle. Mum did well chosing names for 4 girls!
written by Abby Jardine, March 15, 2010
Isabella is the cutest name EVER!!! But I really need help. What kind of a middle name.

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