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The name Jonathan is a baby boy name. The name Jonathan comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Jonathan is: Jehovah has given. Jehovah's gift. Famous Bearer: Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of Gulliver's Travels.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Jehovah has given. Jehovah's gift. Famous Bearer: Anglo-Irish writer Jonathan Swift (1667-1745), author of Gulliver's Travels.
Expression number: 11
SoulUrge Number: 8
Average Visitor Rating: 4.57 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 130

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written by Jonathan, October 16, 2007
I love this name. It has a beautiful meaning and I love the character Jonathan in the bible.
written by Jonathan, October 17, 2007
I hate this name. and its meaning in the bible..because the bible is fake.
written by lillian, November 05, 2007
I love the name Jonathan, especially the bible meaning, It fits my son who is a blessing to myself and family....
Awesome name
written by Rene, November 22, 2007
I love this name. It is beautiful.. just like the one who bears the name.
written by Jonathan, November 29, 2007
I love my name I just wish people could spell it. There is no Johnathan or Johnathon that I know of!
written by great name, December 21, 2007
i love my name its symbolize wealth and prosperity to our family...and comes from the bible,.. i love it
written by Sonya M., February 03, 2008
i love this name. Its a wonderful name i love it and i love my son.
love your mommy
written by fd, February 04, 2008
the bible isn't fake!!!
written by Philip, February 05, 2008
Beautiful name. I'm going to give it to my first born son.
written by Jonathan, February 08, 2008
i love my name
people never spell it right
i like the bible person jonathan too
written by Jonathan, February 09, 2008
In loving memory of our Jonathan died 10th January 2008 aged 23. He was a beautiful person and we loved him.
i love his name
written by Johnathan, March 14, 2008
my boyfriends name is Johnathan and i like it his is a really great guy with a really good heart
written by defender of Jonathan, March 20, 2008
Dear Jonathan, Im sorry you have such hatred for something you obviously don't understand. Maybe some day you can have an appreciation for the gift your name and the Bible really is. Jonathan is a beautiful name and is a gift to anyone who has it. I wish I had another son so I could name him Jonathan.
written by sd, July 16, 2008
I love this name deeply. It bears the Hebrew meaning and mark and those who have it can wear it's title with great honor. The Jonathan of the bible (and my church) is a wonderful person and shares good company!

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