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The name Naomi is a baby girl name. The name Naomi comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Naomi is: Pleasant.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Pleasant.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.60 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 102

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written by Can you guess my name, February 23, 2008
This is also my name. NAOMI GAIL
i love this name
written by naomi, March 02, 2008
my is naomi but to many of my baby cuz is naomi for do not like the fact that my name is comman
punciation for Naomi, Niaomi, and Noami
written by Nan, March 07, 2008
I am looking for the correct way to spell and say all three ways. Are they all said the same way or are they different? I like the NIOME sound of Namoi, if that is one of the ways it can be said. Help!
My middle name
written by Danielle Naomi , March 23, 2008
my middle name is naomi. i love it because it is so beautiful. My mom gave me my great-great grandmother's first name as my middle name.
my daughter
written by Jessica anne, March 23, 2008
I named my daughter Naomi Ashlee. I have also been told Naomi is a Red Indian name.
Naomi- My best friend's name
written by Lexy, April 24, 2008
I think that Naomi is a beautiful name. My best friend hates her name, but I think she is lucky to have it. We call her "Nomi" or "Mia" (Pronounced My-a). The only annoying thing is we had to teach our teachers how to pronounce it correctly. xD I still love it, and her. It suits her, she is pleasant, helpful and honest.
written by alyssa, June 21, 2008
i babysitt for someonee who wants to name their childd naomi which is a beautiful namee but...naomi is i moan spelled backwordss..were nervous the child will get made fun of.what should we do? =] and i think if she did she should have it naomi rae...or naomi mae.we need helpp.
written by Rachel, September 10, 2008
When I have a girl her name will be Laila Naomi. Naomi is such a beautiful name. My childhood best friend died of cancer, and her name was Naomi. I hope my child can carry on her grace and kindess.
Naomi Nicole
written by Naomi, October 14, 2008
My naomi is Naomi Nicole i do think the 2 of them go together well. Although the saying it wrong thing really does get old but even though i hate that it spells i moan backwards i do like that it is unique. I have only met one other naomi in my life its good to know there are more out there
My name
written by Naomi Blindheim, October 16, 2008
I love my name!! My mother was reading the bible one night and came across the name Naomi. She fell in love with it. The middle name she gave me is Zoe. So when you put the two names together they mean "pleasant life". My mother never meant for that to happen. I'm glad she picked those names. However, I do hate the fact that most people cannot pronounce it correctly!!!! That's really annoying.
written by Naomi, September 04, 2009
I love my name, but the part that I hate about it is that my sisters make fun of me because it spells i moan backwards....
written by Naomi, October 05, 2009
At the last minute my name was Naomi, and I get many compliments about it. Its not heard of much, and is very femenine. Yes, the I Moan name was called, and i was in 6th grade, but I found it no big deal. Of course if was a guy that mentioned it, but that phase goes away quickly. by the time the realize it, there too old to find those put-downs serious, or thats how i felt. I got it in high school, but I found it no big deal. I love my name, and the meaning is also special.
written by naomi, July 31, 2010
My name is Naomi Maree and my mum had my name picked out since she was 13. Naomi isnt a very common name and as i have gotten older it has grown on me!
written by Dian, August 02, 2010
I somehow really like the names Naomi Trina together. When i was a teenager, I had a character I named Naomi Trina when playing The Sims lol

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