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The name Rebecca is a baby girl name. The name Rebecca comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Rebecca is: Variant of Rebekah: Captivating; knotted cord.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Variant of Rebekah: Captivating; knotted cord.
Expression number: 1
SoulUrge Number: 11
Average Visitor Rating: 3.95 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 305

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written by Rebeca Ann, July 08, 2009
I have yet to find anywhere that list the way my name is spelled. I think I will forever be telling people "no it's spelled with only one 'c'" not that I mind I think it makes people remember me better.
wouldn't have any other name
written by Becky, August 28, 2009
I totally love the name Rebecca, I was born in the south and in the 60's so I believe back then it was very popular, not so much now.
Everyone calls me Becky which I prefer to be called.
It is very hard to find the name Becky anymore which is sad cause it's such a great name.
I also love my middle name which is Ann, my mom couldn't have picked out a better name for me.
Rebecca Ann.
I wouldn't have any other name
written by Rebecca Ann, August 28, 2009
My mom named me Rebecca Ann but not before almost naming me Julie...which I am glad she stayed with Rebecca.
Everyone calls me Becky which I totally love!
Being born in the south and in the 60's the name Rebecca was pretty common, not so much these days.
I guess I can say that I feel pretty lucky I love both my first and middle name Rebecca Ann, not everyone likes the name they are given.
lovely name....
written by Rebecca, February 03, 2010
my mom named me Rebecca Juliet and i think its a beautiful name and no its not just because its my name. :) she was going to name me Julie but when she first saw me she said "Oh Rebecca..." and so she thought it was fate for me to be a Rebecca because she didn't know why it just came to her and popped out of her mouth. she still wanted to keep julie in my name so she named me Rebecca Juliet. Rebecca is a kinda romantic and regal name to begin with but paired with Juliet it makes it feel that much more girlie and special.
rebecca nicknames
written by Rebecca, February 03, 2010
also... i have gone by Becky when i was a kid, Becca when I got older and in high school, Bex by my closest friends, and Aunt B by my nephew......
originally pronounced: Rivka
written by Yamin, February 25, 2010
originally pronounced: Rivka
wouldn't change it for the world!
written by Rebecca Gyoker, April 12, 2010
Hi, my name is Rebecca and I absolutley love it and it is from the bible! and the other thing i love is it is not a very common over used names and wow des it fit me!

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