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The name Ruth is a baby girl name. The name Ruth comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Ruth is: Companion; friend; vision of beauty. In the Bible, Ruth the Moabitess was the great grandmother of King David.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Companion; friend; vision of beauty. In the Bible, Ruth the Moabitess was the great grandmother of King David.
Expression number: 22
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 4.53 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 122

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written by ruth, September 18, 2007
Ruth is a wonderful name and I feel bleesed to poses this name. None of my friends are called it. This name makes me feel unique and stand out. I therefor recomened it to you future mothers out there.
Aislynn Ruth
written by Keysa, September 19, 2007
I am going to name my baby Girl Aislynn Ruth.
I love both names and the meanings. I am part irish and hebrew so its perfect for her.
written by Ruthie, January 30, 2008
this meaning is so me. extremely loyal. is my name ruth because i'm loyal, or am i loyal because my name's ruth?
written by Dominique Lewis, February 04, 2008
I love this name very much, it just give you a sense of warmness everytime you think about it and that why I'm glad that my middle name is Ruth.
written by Ruth, March 02, 2008
I love this name.I'm more blessed because it is my name..i truly believe it's completly represents me as person.
written by ruth, June 02, 2008
im so proud to be Ruth,,,...before i hate my name...but now i love it..and i know ruth also means fidelity..godissogud..
written by blah, August 18, 2009
ruth is a real pretty name. Dunno if I'll name my kid that, but I still think it's pretty.
Middle Name
written by Felicita Mason, June 01, 2010
When my husband and I were looking for a middle name for our soon to be here baby girl, Ruth was the only name we liked because; one, it's his mothers middle name, and second, it was his grandma's first name. When we told his mother we were naming our baby girls middle name after her, she was so excited and started to cry. We are glad we are following in family names but also that we could make my mother-in-law so happy. Ruth is a very beautiful name.

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