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The name Samantha is a baby girl name. The name Samantha comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Samantha is: Listen; name of God.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Listen; name of God.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 3
Average Visitor Rating: 3.71 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 432

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My Name
written by Samantha Vega, January 09, 2010
Hi my name is also Samantha. My full name is Samantha Ryan Vega. I like my name because how it just goes together and sounds kinda cool. Most people call me Sam, Sammie, or Sammie Ryan. I like the name Samantha cause it fits for all kinds of people. Like Sam can be used for a girl who is more of a tom- boy, Sammie can be used for a girl who is more girlie, and Samantha can be used for people who are older. But still Samantha is a very cool name because of the different names you can use it for.
Samantha is hebrew origin?! How??
written by Yamin, February 25, 2010
does it come from the name Samuel?
No hebrew origin for this name to my knowledge, unless it's a late development from another name.
written by Samantha Meagan Bowe, March 10, 2010
I've studied names for 33 years, including mine, and I've come to find that Samantha is most likely Aramaic in origin. Aramaic is the language that Jesus spoke. With the meaning-'one who listens, listener'. Samuela is the feminine form of Samuel and is Hebrew, not Samantha. I love my name but I wish that it had not become so common. I've started going by Samantha Meagan(MEE-gan), my middle name, so that it might not seem so common.
written by Gabriella, April 17, 2010
Its my middle name and i just love it, but i prefer Gabriella, i dont actually know why. Probably because it reminds me of Arcangel Gabriel. But if i have a daughter her name will be definately Samantha.
written by Alicia Marie, May 12, 2010
My sister's name is Samantha Jo (Sammy Jo when she was younger). And my best friend's name is also Samantha (but we call her Sami). It's pretty and I like how it can be altered, but it is way to common.
Samantha Joyce
written by Kenya, May 26, 2010
I love the name Samantha, and plan on naming my daughter Samantha Joyce (Joyce after my great aunt who was a huge part of my life) as one first name. I'm thinking it could be shortened to Sam or SJ. I like it a lot- what do you think??
Samantha a lovely name
written by Samantha Jo-an, May 30, 2010
Samantha sounds pretty and lovely for me. So when I gave birth of a very cute girl two yrs ago. I had no other names came on my mind only Samantha Joan.Joan a combination of joy and antonio. I remember when she was born the intern's were really amazed her as if she was a celebrety. And my friends like her so much coz she is so cheerfull and friendly. They siad Samantha is a beautiful name name ever....
written by Samantha Jo-an, May 30, 2010
samantha a lovely name.
written by Sam Noel, June 11, 2010
I searched the meaning of my name on a whim, aminly to see what people had to say about it. I didnt know I'd discover there was another Samantha Noel out there :) Just today someone asked me how to pronounce it and I said, like No-L, but it does have an L in it. I love my first name and I'm usually called Sam unless Im in trouble. Then it turns to Noel :)
written by Samantha, June 28, 2010
My mom named me Samantha after that old tv how Bewitched. I always get asked about that.
written by samantha farris, July 05, 2010
hey my name is samantha renee and i like it. my mother loves the name. and everybody likes my name.
written by samantha farris, July 05, 2010
hey my name is samantha renee and i like it. and everybody else likes it. my mother really likes it thats why she named me that
written by Samantha, July 19, 2010
I was named Samantha after Sam on Who's the Boss. :)
SO NiCE :))
written by amengtots, July 27, 2010
written by samantha, August 27, 2010
cant beleive how many people actually like the name Samantha, ive never really like it at all,but i guess the best thing is about it that i can change it to whatever i feel like at the time, e.g. Sam, Sammiie,Sammy,Samantha.. i guess it can have its advantages and can suit your personality.. whether you are girly or tomboy.

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