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The name Tabitha is a baby girl name. The name Tabitha comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Tabitha is: Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament (Acts 9:36) was noted for good works.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Beauty, grace. From the Aramaic word for Gazelle. Biblical - Tabitha of the New Testament (Acts 9:36) was noted for good works.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 11
Average Visitor Rating: 4.58 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 76

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I love it now
written by Tabitha Lavonia , February 07, 2008
Growing up in elementary I had 3 girls with the same name so people starting callin me Tabi the other tab and I just hated it. but my mom still called me Sammatha ....I like it alot now now i dont hear really that much.
This is my daughter's name
written by Kari12481, February 25, 2008
Tabitha Elizabeth is my daughter's name, my husband I and everyone we know calls her Tabi. Her name fits her, I know a another girl with the same name. I always thought that it was a pretty name since I heard it on Bewitched. I just never knew that it was a hebrew name meaning beauty and grace.
This is my daughter's name too, she's 7 months old
written by Deborah Niven, February 27, 2008
We called our daughter Tabitha Lily which I think sounds so sweet. I was reading through names books and came across it and thought, thats different. It was the midwife in hospital who reminded me of Bewitched!! Everyone says what a lovely name it is, I'm just hoping it doesn't become too common.
Best Name Ever
written by Debbie Sue, March 05, 2008
I named my daughter Tabitha after having read it in the Bible I believe her Hebrew name is Dorcas I like to call her that it makes her laugh. She has lots of nicknames that makes her feel spscieal I think Tabi, Tab and Tabster
written by Abby Shannon, March 22, 2008
I mentioned this baby girl name to my husband recently. He loved it. I knew at that moment that if we ever have a daughter this will be her name. I realize this is very similar to my name but we really like the idea of calling her Tabby as a nickname. Especially because we adore our cats - three tabbies. I hope this doesn't sound strange or anything...if it does feel free to let me know!
Being a tabatha is beautiful
written by Tabatha, May 06, 2008
My name is also spelled Tabatha and the funny thing is before i came online and noticed all of you, i was the only person around that i knew spelled my name with an A. I too have been teased with tabby cat, mainly because i love cats and my name. or i was teased with the asking if i could wiggle my nose from the old tv series bewitched. it's nice to know i'm not the only one :) but i love my name, it fits the beautiful in me and makes me beautiful and unique.
written by Tabitha, May 27, 2008
I am Tabitha Michelle. My father was so convinced I would be a boy that he did not allow my mother to even consider any girl names. My mother had no idea what to name me when I was born. I was finally given a name when my mom saw cute little Tabitha Stevens on a rerun of Bewitched. I have my mother's middle name. I hated my name as a child because it was unusual and I was picked on at times. So, when I entered junior high, I convinced all my teachers and new classmates that everyone at home called me "Tiffany." For the first 6 weeks, everyone knew me as "Tiff" or "Tiffany." However, my mom quickly corrected my teachers at open house when the repeatedly referred to me as Tiffany, much to my horror.
Now that I'm grown, I appreciate the uniqueness and creativeness of my name, especially since my little sister is Lisa Ann.
written by Tabitha, September 30, 2008
My name is Tabitha also,and yep my mum loved bewitched.She laughed when I told her it means grace and beauty.I'm anything but graceful she reckons,and yeah im beautiful,but thats what every mum thinks of their daughters.I loved my name I was the only girl in my school with it.And still I get comments on my name,I would never change it for the world.
I just got use to it lol
written by Tabitha Leigh Marie, August 28, 2009
My name is tabitha I prefer to go by Tabby I was named after the little girl off of Bwitched yeah I agree its old fashion but hey Im stuck with it so it doesnt bother me I just dont like to be called that cause generally that means Im in trouble lol. I hated one thing about having Tabitha as my name people always mispelled it I wasnt TabAtha or TabEtha and sometimes TabUtha its Tabitha my mom nicknamed me Tabola which really doesnt bother me.
written by Tabitha, October 13, 2009
My name is Tabitha and all through school I was asked if my mother was Samantha of my father Darren because they named me from the TV shoe BEWITCHED.
written by Dallas, September 28, 2010
My cousin is named Tabitha and I love her so much that I told her if I ever have a baby girl I would name it after her because it would remind me of all the epic and random times we had! :)

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