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The name Joshua is a baby boy name. The name Joshua comes from the Hebrew origin. In Hebrew The meaning of the name Joshua is: Jehovah is generous. Jehovah saves. In the Old Testament, Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites for their journey to the Promised Land.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Hebrew
Meaning: Jehovah is generous. Jehovah saves. In the Old Testament, Joshua was chosen to succeed Moses as leader of the Israelites for their journey to the Promised Land.
Expression number: 2
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 4.09 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 323

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Love It
written by India , March 12, 2008
My boyfriend's name is joshua and i love it i couldnt ask for a cuter name for a boy. And even though he dont like it i do and so does everyone else that knows him.
This is a great Name and I love it.
written by Jaime Alejandro, March 19, 2008
I think this is a great name and when I have a son I will name him Joshua Alexander.
Joshua....another Brittany....
written by Lia , March 22, 2008
My husband named my son Joshua because he is not in love with his own name. In the beginning I thought it was too common. But now I am in love with the name. It is strong in meaning, cute and it will suit him as he grows. He went from Joshie-poo to Joshie to Jo-Jo to Josh and it turns out sharing a name is not as horrid as I thought.
Joshua Kai.

my son is joshua
written by gretchen, April 08, 2008
i call him joshiewuh or josh or j
written by Katie, April 22, 2008
My boyfriend's name is Joshua. Everyone calls him Josh, and I love this name. It's beautiful.
Joshua is a wonderful name
written by Stephanie A, May 18, 2008
My son's name is Joshua Benjamin. His middle name is his father's name. I think that the name suits him perfectly. He is two, we usually call him Joshua, Joshi, or Josh.
written by Tracy, September 18, 2008
My oldest son is Joshua Alexander. We researched and thought a lot before we named him, but didn't decide 100% until we saw him. Now he's 24 and has two babies...Lily and Max (cute names huh?)
Great Name
written by Cheryl, July 05, 2009
I think Joshua is a great name because of the biblical connection, but also because it is a good strong name.
written by Nikki Sallee, January 14, 2010
I absolutely LOVE this name. My boyfriend's name is Joshua, and its such a sweet name. I call him Josh or Joshie. He sometimes calls himself Joshwa or Joshwaffle lol :]. awesome name, i love it :].
written by Meghan, January 31, 2010
My son's name is Joshua and at first I hated it. His dad wanted to use it for his older son. Over time it totally grew on me and it deffinatly suites him. A strong name for a strong boy!
Want a unique name? use the original pronounciation
written by Yamin, February 25, 2010
Want a unique name? use the original pronounciation:
I don't know
written by Elizabeth Miller, April 27, 2010
My husband Jay likes this name. He wants to be able to call his son Josh. But Josh Miller, I don't know.
Joshua- my mother-in-laws choice
written by Lauren, June 10, 2010
My mother-in-law was obsessed with this name and when ever someone was excpecting, whether it was one of my 3sister-in-laws(& 1 has 3 sons)or me-she said it would just be great if he was naughty and she could just say JOSH and he must know.... i hated the name. When i was excpecting the Dr told me it was a girl with each and every sonar- turns out the day i had my baby it was a BOY- when they showed him to me it was just like- " this is a JOSHUA" The name is really strong and defines my son so well.I absolutely love the name.

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