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The name Brynhildur is a baby girl name. The name Brynhildur comes from the Icelandic origin. In Icelandic, the meaning of the name Brynhildur is: Icelandic form of Brunhilda, meaning "armored warrior woman".

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: Girl
Origin of name: Icelandic
Meaning: Icelandic form of Brunhilda, meaning "armored warrior woman".
Average Visitor Rating: 4.43 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 13

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written by insanepirate91, November 26, 2007
You know, this name's kind of strange and I would probably never be brave enough to name my daughter this (I'd be afraid she'd be made fun of and all that), but I think it's a genuinely pretty name. It sounds nice when you say it out loud, and the way it sounds just fits really well with the meaning to me. It sounds like a strong, powerful name, doesn't it?
written by Alyssa K., January 03, 2008
This name is really nice. I like it a lot, but I doubt I would ever name my child this. It is very pretty and VERY unique.
written by Loraine F.,, January 04, 2008
Well since this name is passed down in my family i happen to think that it is a very beutiful name.I get complements all the time on my "middle" name.
written by kos, January 26, 2008
so how do you say it?
Gives off a since of preparedness for lifes battle
written by Oliver, January 29, 2008
Ever hear the song about a boy named sue? some times growing up around bullies toughens you up for when you face the real world and makes you aware of danger around you in a scence turning you into a sheep dog protecting the sheep from wolves. even though the sheep fear the sheep dog because it has the potential to be aggressive the sheep always run toward them for protection from the predator.
you say it....
written by Rína, January 28, 2010
well, i think somebody are in truble saying it, I can help you..
b-strong R-Y like in "in" -n-h-i like in "in" not ""-l-d- u like in unlike and umbrella- and a strong r

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