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The name Dogg is a baby girl name. The name Dogg comes from the Icelandic origin. In Icelandic the meaning of the name Dogg is: Dew.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Icelandic
Meaning: Dew.
Average Visitor Rating: 2.23 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 67

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Comments (11)Add Comment
what the.....!?!
written by imldbck, March 07, 2008
who would name a girl after snoop dogg?(jk sorta)
Honestly? Dogg?
written by blah, June 30, 2009
Bark bark. That's my opinion.
written by Kara, July 08, 2009
in middle skool and hi skool people will walk up to them maybe beat them up and bark at them. just saying honest opinion
Okay then...
written by blah, July 30, 2009
Who on earth would name there kid "Dogg"? Unless you want your kid to come home with a broken nose, I wouldn't name a girl that. I mean... Name your kid after a animal? If you want your kid to have a name with the meaning "dew", name then Dew... or Mountain Dew. ;)
written by Anna p, October 22, 2009
OMG I can't believe you are so stupid. Blah says why would you name your child after an animal. Doh! Dogg doesnt mean dog in Icelandic. Don't be soo ignorant.Not everyone in the world speaks English.
written by oddny, January 05, 2010
Its not even writen correctly its suposed to be Dögg!
And when its pronounced it dosent sound anything like dog
Sounds more like...Dugh LOL
written by katrin, January 28, 2010
its Dögg and it does not do anything about dogs!, when you are umming ummmhhhh that how you say ö. And its a very pretty name and one of my friends names Tanja Dögg so dont you..... by the way dog is hundur in icelandic and am dögg and hundur is not the same a lot of girls in iceland name that pretty name its like Dugh but with a strong G
written by Clara, June 25, 2010
Well, if you name your kid in America Dogg then people will tease you. And name calling isn't very nice. ;D
written by sarah talbot, September 18, 2010
I understand that is not an american name and not everyone speaks english but as for an american to name there child dogg here thats how people are going to say it and kids are just plain mean on the playground maybe where the name came from and if said correctly it maybe a pretty name for a girl but all i can pic is the poor child getting bullied from other kids just knowing that its spelled dogg!!
written by Tiff, October 01, 2010
Are you serious? Dogg? My daughter's name would be Dogg Brown.
written by Benti, October 03, 2010
Wow! In English this name would be a curse. But 'Dew' is so pretty and really doesn't have an English equivilent...Iceland really thought of a great name...just wouldn't work in some countries.

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