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The name Ailey is a baby girl name. The name Ailey comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Ailey is: Light.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Irish
Meaning: Light.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 22
Average Visitor Rating: 4.80 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 36

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Ailey Delina
written by Ailey, February 16, 2008
My 2 year old daughter is Ailey. She is the only one I have ever met with that name! She is very sweet and everybody comments on how original her name is!
written by brianne, February 20, 2008
how do you pronounce it is it ay-lee?
written by Aily, February 27, 2008
It's so funny that I found my name here..same pronunciation..the only difference is that it has no "e".. Actually, Ailey/Aily = is also another Irish form of the name Aileen/Eileen/Ailyn :)

Anyway, I'm 22 now. My mom was a great name-maker.. haha
written by D, April 13, 2008
I was going to name my daughter Ailey because of the dancer Alvin Ailey.....
written by megan, June 10, 2008
we named our daughter ailey after seeing it only a few places on the net, she's 2 months old now and we always get compliments on the name, but also, people always do a double take and ask about the pronounciation and meaning. a good irish name!
My ten year old is Ailey...
written by Tara, September 10, 2008
She'll be very happy to see others are choosing this name, we actually pronounce it (eye-lee)...we pronounce Aileen as (eye-leen) so we went with Eye-lee as her's been a perfect fit for her, her dad and I have dark hair/dark eyes and she was born with blonde hair and blue eyes, everything is 'light' about her! :)
Naming my little Ailey!!
written by Roxanna, September 22, 2008
I saw the name Ailey online (I think actually on here) and my husband and I just fell in love with it. We have decided to go with Ailey Grace for her name, pronounced (eye-lee) also. I'm just wondering from those of you that have a child by the same name, is it mispelled often?? Everyone is just going crazy over it and thinks it is beautiful but I'm wondering what she's going to go through. My name is common but also commonly mispronounced and spelled wrong so of course this is close to me. We aren't going to change our mind, we already have her room set up with the name and have already told everyone but I'm just wondering what we have to look forward to, lol.
written by Tahlia Young, June 23, 2009
I love thus name soo much!! I found the same pronounceation on a different site but different spelling and meaning: It is spelt Eilley and means "beautiful bird", though it is pronounced the same (eye-lee). I like the spelling and meaning of Eilley better though Ailey is still very pretty and the meaning "light" is nice too...
from the rumbled names of my parents!
written by Ailey , June 22, 2010
hi everyone : ) i'm Ailey, 21 years old from Philippines. i'm so happy, many of the baby girls today named Ailey!

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