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The name Brayden is a baby boy name. The name Brayden comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Brayden is: Broad hillside.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Irish
Meaning: Broad hillside.
Expression number: 6
SoulUrge Number: 4
Average Visitor Rating: 4.65 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 75

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written by CBCMOM, January 20, 2008
My little Brayden's middle name is Levi and I love it when people ask his name I tell them and their responce has ALWAYS been wow what a STRONG name. I love my little Brayden Levi!
written by Glenda, January 24, 2008
My little Brayden (4yrs old) is full of life and a real joy and a blessing to me. I also have a problem with people calling him Brandon, and I call him Brady from time to time. I'm proud to say his name.
written by Christina_R, February 16, 2008
I have an almost 6 year old named Brayden Alexander. I love his name. He was named Brayden because my husband's name is Brandon. I think it is a very special name for him. When I named him I had never heard the name before. Now, It seems to be a very popular name.
written by CDavis, February 20, 2008
I also chose the name Braeden for my son(now 3) because it seamed unique at the time. Though, it does seam to be getting popular rather quickly. I loved it the moment I heard it, and that was it. Now we're having trouble picking a name for our third child, second boy. I'm leaning toward another Irish name. They are so just beautiful. Maybe Cian or Killian. I just wish picking a name was as easy as last time!
written by B. Aaron, February 20, 2008
My best friend just had her 1st son today and named him Charles Brayden, but they will call him Brayden cause his daddy's name is Charles. I love that name. If I were to have another baby boy that was going to be one of the name possibilities, definitely. Very cute.
written by Jennifer J., March 04, 2008
Our little guy is now 2 years old. We just loved this name when we heard it. Its so strong. His full name is Brayden Tyler. People always comment on what a great name it is. We think so too.
written by Tracy, April 22, 2008
Wow, lots of Brayden Alexander's. My little guys name is Brayden Alexander and he just turned 7 in March.
I absolutely LOVE this name
written by Renee, April 23, 2008
my sister is pregnant and looking for names and she told me that i could help her. i love this name. i would spell it differently though
Braeden. i think i am going to tell her to name her son Braeden Matthew or Braeden Christopher
my son
written by stacey kareko, June 29, 2008
is Brayden. hes 12 in september 08. this was a name i thought id made up all by myself, i knew someone who had named there son bayden so when i came up with Brayden i feel in love with it. its great to see its becoming more seems when you hear the name many just fall for it.
written by brittani, July 17, 2008
Will be having a baby girl soon and she will be Braidin Michele
written by Jessica, August 05, 2008
I absolutely love the name Brayden. We named our first son, Brayden Matthew (Matthew being his father's middle name as well), and although, as agreed with others, Brandon does get miscommunicated with his name, I wouldnt have it any other way! He fits his name VERY well :)
Favorite boy name!
written by Ashley Laurén, August 29, 2010
I'm due in December with twins -- a boy and a girl! My fiancé and I have decided on the name Everleigh for our girl and Braiden for our boy. We decided on the spelling variation when we found out that all of the men we know with that name spell it with the "y". I think the "I" gives it more character. Such a handsome name!

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