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The name Kiera is a baby girl name. The name Kiera comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Kiera is: Feminine of the Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky; dark-haired.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Irish
Meaning: Feminine of the Irish Gaelic Kieran. Dusky; dark-haired.
Expression number: 8
SoulUrge Number: 6
Average Visitor Rating: 4.60 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 70

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Thats my name
written by Kiera, November 29, 2007
I love that name it sounds so unique not just because it is my it!
What a great name ^^
written by Kiera, December 03, 2007
... it was better when I knew no one else with it though XD I prefer this spelling to Keira or Kira though, as it makes more sense with the pronunciation.
written by kiera, December 23, 2007
this is my name!
everyone always spells and pronounces it wrong...:(
but...i like not having alot of people with the same name.
my daughters name
written by claire frm england, January 06, 2008
this is my daughters name.
called her kiera george after ny dad.
is only name myself and hubby could agree on.
am having another girl and trying to think of name that goes with kiera.
our surname is irish so goes well together just people spelling it wrong drives me mad
my daughters name
written by krista, January 09, 2008
This name fits her to a tee! I couldn't image looking at her and calling her something else. Its very unique and people do tend to pronouce and spell it wrong. But hey, I've been everything from Christi to Kristine.
My daughters Name
written by Stacey B, February 06, 2008
We thought it was such a pretty name & it suited her perfectly. We have met a few others now though. My other daughter is Ellisha which was unheard of 8 years ago but is also becoming popular. Oh well !
Carrot Face
written by Angela H, February 25, 2008
We named are Daughter Kira Faith..she ended up w/ the nickname Carrott Face (play on words) We couldn't decide between Kira and Cara. So when I was pregnant I asked her...and she kicked for Kira! :)
my daughters name too
written by Kearia Lovina Melody, February 28, 2008
Iv always loved this and said if i had another girl, i would name her Kiera, but i chose to change the spelling, so its spelled Kearia, the i is silent, she was born with dark hair, but turned blonde, with dark undertones, it just fits her.
written by Kierra, March 04, 2008
i love this name because its mine n my best friends but she spells hers keira
written by Carly, April 21, 2008
we have picked this out for one of our twins, I think its a cute name but seems to age well also. Now we just need a twin name to go with it!
My Daughter's name
written by Lynnette, June 24, 2008
i was on the bed not knowing if it were going to be a boy or girl. i had jasmine picked out for a girl. but at the last min i looked at my partner and my friend and said i dont like the name we chose for a girl. then my friend said how about Kiera and right then and there that was her name Kiera Amber.... LOVE IT.
written by Jacqueline, July 21, 2008
thats different i reckon that Tiera would sound nice to
written by Beverly, July 31, 2008
my son's name is Kier. I'm suprised they don't have that name! I always get complements on it being unique...
written by kiera, September 24, 2008
i love this name but i am not dark.and im not hairy either.but everyone says this is an pretty name.but thank you
A twist
written by Dawn Slate, September 01, 2009
I like girls to have longer "legal" names that can be shortened; Deborah into Debbie for instance. I stretched Kiera and Anna into Kieriana (Keer-ee-ANN-uh) but we call her Kiera. She is 17 now and likes her name. Kieriana Joy!
written by Kiera , October 12, 2009
i lllllloooveee the name kiera ! its my name too and anyone with the name kiera is totally awesome ! :)
written by keriah, March 17, 2010
I'm 22 and my names is also Keriah but it's spelled very different growing up I wasnt as appreciative of my name as I am now, people would always call me mariah but w/ a kay...I hated always having to correct people, I sometimes used to wish it were spelled differently but now that the name is becoming more popular I love how it's spelled...also my middle name is Lyhn (also differently spelled then most) so when my first and middle names are said together they sound even more beautiful keriah mom calls me keri...pronouncer kear-ee... Now I'm absolutely in love w/ my unique name!!!
written by janell, June 16, 2010
MY daughter's name is Kiera Reese she is 3 and was born with dark hair,now is light brown hair. No on knows how to spells and pronounces it right. But I think its very pretty name.

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