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The name Killian is a baby boy name. The name Killian comes from the Irish origin. In Irish The meaning of the name Killian is: Strife or battle Small; fierce.  Originally spelled Cillian.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Irish
Meaning: Strife or battle Small; fierce.
Expression number: 5
SoulUrge Number: 1
Average Visitor Rating: 4.25 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 109

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We love the name!!
written by Michele, February 28, 2008
My son who was born Oct. 2007 name is Kilian and we absolutely love it. It is different yet not totally outrageous. We knew of both the actor and the beer and that didn't stop us at all. It is a strong name and we hope he is proud of it when he gets older.
We named our baby boy Cillian
written by Cillian, February 28, 2008
I can already tell that he will spend a lot of time correcting people's pronunciation (Sillian being the most common mistake). But he has the option of going by C.J. We still love the name because it's unique as well as traditional Irish.
My son Killian...
written by Cassi, March 06, 2008
i just had my first son december 14, 07, and we named him Killian Dean. the instant i heard this i knew it was going to be our sons name. it's his daddy's middle name, which is where we originally got it, but i love love LOOOOVE it! there arent many others, which is nice as well!
written by rosa, April 04, 2008
My son Killian was born 6/10/05. We totally love the name. I get upset when people call him killer but its ok. I like the name because it sounds strong and it fits his personality.
written by bethany, May 14, 2008
we named our first born Cillian Jack. Jack after my late father. We love his name. The name and meaning fit him to a tee. He is a little spitfire. The only thing that has been difficult is people mispronouncing it (sillian? come on!) and misspelling it. We love it and we love him!!!
Our Cillian
written by Cillian, June 01, 2008
Our son Cillian was born on December 25, 2007. We came across the name in an Irish baby book. We absolutely loved the name and it quickly replaced all of the other boy names we had picked out. We decided on spelling it with a c because we had read that is the more common way of spelling it in Ireland. yes, people do pronounce it as sillian, but I have no problem correcting them:) We love the name because it is unique, strong, and honors our irish heritage.
im ifffy!
written by annabelle, July 03, 2008
i think i like this name but im not sure. i am a pregnant teenager so i need a name that is really chic. i want it to be a name that not everyone has heard of before. soo i like this name but im not quite sure. if anyone has other suggestions i really need them, so help me! and im having a boy! (:
I Like It
written by Stevie, July 14, 2008
I like this name; it sounds so cool, I think that I mgiht name one of my children Killian, that's just so cool and I love the meaning.
to Carie P.
written by kilismom, July 26, 2008
Hi, my son's name is Kilian, and while it is the name of a beer, it is also the name of a 7th century Irish saint, a fact that was presented to my (Catholic) grandmother. It is not as if you named him Sam Adams or Bud...anyway, I love the name Kilian, I call him Kili, and if being named after a brand of beer is the worst the kids on the playground can come up with... it could be so much worse. :)
I agree (Kilismom)
written by Richard Donahue, June 29, 2009
I was drawn to the name cause I LIKE the beer. And after reading all the posts it sounds that much better to. And I'll probably have a better time convincing the wife with this name. My first pick for our first was Phelan, I've always liked it. As Kilismom said; if being named after a brand of beer is the worst the kids on the playground can come up with...
written by Alyssa, April 06, 2010
I had never heard of this name until a woman with two kids started coming to my church. She has a daughter named Diamond, and a son named Killian. I was shocked when I saw it on this list.
To kilismom
written by Cortney , May 02, 2010
LOL - we have a Kieran AND a Killian & they are both beers! we also have a Tristan and are pregnant with our fourth - EVERYONE keeps saying if it's a girl we should name her Stella to keep with the beer tradition ;-) We love our Killy and he is definately fierce! His initials even spell "killer" KLR! He has a cousin named Sinjin and we have 4 nuns in the family - my sister in law LOVES to call them Killer and Sin when the nuns are around ;-)

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