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The name Francesca is a baby girl name. The name Francesca comes from the Italian origin. In Italian The meaning of the name Francesca is: Derived from the Latin Franciscus meaning French. Famous bearer: 15th century Roman noblewoman St Francesca Romana (St Frances of Rome), British actress Francesca Annis.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Italian
Meaning: Derived from the Latin Frances meaning French, or free one. Famous bearer: 15th century Roman noblewoman St Francesca Romana (St Frances of Rome), British actress Francesca Annis.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.49 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 112

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Love my name too!!
written by Francesca F, February 27, 2008
I also hate being called Fran!! My mom is Francine and all of my grandparents are from Italy. I like to be called Francesca or Francesc. Not a big fan of Franny. I do know 3 other francesca's. 2 work for the same company as me and one goes to my church!! Small world!
written by I dont like my name, March 11, 2008
I think its too long and NOONE can ever pronounce corectly!I hate being called Fran people do call me Francesca...Cheka...or Franny..or chesca.. i dont mind it
written by Karen2305, March 18, 2008
We named my daughter Francesca (she'll be 4 next month) I hate people shortening it to Franny though - makes me think of Franny Jeffers the footballer!! If we shorten her name we call her Frankie :-)
written by francesca, April 02, 2008
hi everyone. Don't actually know why my mum called me francesca, my family is irish not french or italian lol my mum calls me by my full name but my friends call me fran (i hate it) or frankie. my sisters call me frankie jack (second name jacqueline- so imaginative ) or cheska. cant stand being called franny, and people are convinced it's 'francheska' GRRRR!!!!!!!!
written by isabella, May 14, 2008
my lil sister's name is francesca n ppl
INSIST on saying her name fran-ses-kah.
her name is fran-ches-ka!
so annoying.
then they call her mexican-we're italian!
my little sister francesca...
written by morgan, June 21, 2008
my little sister has the name francesca and i think it is so beautiful! we usually always call her cesca(cheska) or just francesca. i think it is a great name.
If I have a girl
written by Deana DeLuca, August 17, 2008
Right now I am pregnant and don't know what i'm having if I have a girl I will be naming her Franchesca. I hope putting the "ch" will help when others pronounce it. We will be calling her Frankie for short
written by Krynn, October 17, 2008
I have a daughter named Francesca (Frankie). My next daught will be named Fredrica (Freddie).
written by FrancescaW, June 29, 2009
Its weird to see so many people called Francesca. I think I've met two in my life!
I like the name Francesca but people always insist on calling me Fran instead. I dont like it.
written by Maddie, July 02, 2009
hi my name is maddie my best friends name is franceca and she hates her name but i love her name and everybody calls her frankie but then she thinks that they odnt no if she is a boy or a girl but we all no that she is a girl and that francesca is a wonderful name and she doesnt want anybody to call her francesca bc thay always pronounce it wrong! what does she do
Love my name
written by frankleberry, July 30, 2009
I've always hated my name. But now I can appreciate the beauty of it. My first name is Francesca, but all my life I've been nicknamed franki. My middle name is 100% unique. I've never met another appolonia. It is a beautiful and graceful name. I reccomend to name your child something individual and unique, so they can grow into individual and quique people.
my thoughts on francesca
written by Fran, August 30, 2009
i used to hate Francesca, used to think it was too posh and ugly.
but ever since i remember ive been called fran
except dad calls me francesca
i recommend this name alot, i love it now, cos its different. id prefer ches or something tho, instead o fran. ah well :)
written by Francesca, September 11, 2009
My name is Francesca, and pretty much everyone I know calls me Frenchi, except my parents who call me Cesca. My sister's friend is also named Francesca, but she goes by Frankie. I've found that it's an uncommon enough name that you're probably not going to meet very many in your lifetime (I know a lot, but that's a fluke) but simple enough that people should be somewhat familiar with the name. The only problem I have is that people pronounce it Fransesca, and because my last name is so long (it's my mom's last name, a hyphen, then my dad's), not only does THAT get cut off, but in school I've almost always been Fran or France.
written by Francesca D, June 05, 2010
My name is Francesca,all my friends call Fran-D.D because of my last name. My teachers call me Fran.But my bff calls me french fries but its funny though i look nothing like a french fry ok whateva but i think francesca is the best name ever because it means free one or famous bearer but mostly because its my name and i love it so much i cherish every symbol of it i happy it was chosen for me.

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