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The name Isabella is a baby girl name. The name Isabella comes from the Italian origin. In Italian The meaning of the name Isabella is: Italian form of Isabel: consecrated to God.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Italian
Meaning: Italian form of Isabel: consecrated to God.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.34 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 244

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written by mikalyn, June 24, 2009
i really love this name. its so pretty and cute, and when you just say "bella" its even cuter! great name;]
written by izzy, October 14, 2009
my name is isabella and i have been called izzy for my whole life i love it, although my aunty calls me bella and has since i was 3 so really i have 3 names its great x
Love This Name.
written by Jessica, October 29, 2009
My little girls name is "Isabella Marie" I absolutely love the name Isabella, Its beautiful.!
My Name
written by Isabella, November 12, 2009
The lady looking for a middle name for Isabella, mine is Louise and although it is a common middle name it does fit well :)

Otherwise, Emma? Or Grace?
Good luck with finding the perfect name for your little girl :)
Love my name! :)
written by Isabella Elena, November 26, 2009
My name is Isabella Elena. My friends usually call me Isa, Bella or Bebella. I am Brazilian, but my mother was Italian. The pronunciation is different (I think), but I find very beautiful.
really love my name!
written by isabella, December 23, 2009
my name is Isabella Joanna. i love my name, it's so beautiful! im just to be called bella alot, and i think that bella sounds pretty and love it when people call me that. I see it as my name is bella, but Isabella is a refinement of my name.
i love that name
written by Samantha Vega, January 09, 2010
I absolutely love that name its so pretty and if and when i have a baby i'm going to name her Isabella Noelle, or Isabella Luna (Luna is Spanish for the moon) cause its just sounds so pretty. I also like Bella cause it sound very Beautiful and princess like.
love it
written by bj, February 16, 2010
omg i love this name always have it's beautiful i'm gonna spell it when i have kids if i have kids "Izzabella" it's unique i like it i don't know any isabella i hardly hear that name it's very pretty!!! :)
written by Brittney, June 08, 2010
i really love the name bella, but i dont want to just name my baby bella, this name is a great name to name my baby because it's beautiful altogether and it has bella in it so i can still call my little girl bella
It Just Rolls off the Tongue...:-)
written by Isabel Clare, September 04, 2010
LOL my name's Isabel but I usually get called this, but for some reason, I sort of wish this was my name. I'd still have the nickname Izzy, Iz, Izzybird, etc., if Isabella was actually my name. I love the name Isabella Noelle, it just rolls off the tongue 'cos both names have that "elle" sound in them.


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