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The name Kaya is a baby girl name. The name Kaya comes from the Japanese origin. In Japanese The meaning of the name Kaya is: Adds a place of resting.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Japanese
Meaning: Adds a place of resting.
Expression number: 11
SoulUrge Number: 9
Average Visitor Rating: 4.46 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 70

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Cute name!!!
written by emmyrose0312, February 13, 2008
I am writing a book and i am looking for a japanese name.I think Kaya is my first choice!!!
my mind is made
written by feliz, February 22, 2008
since my name is unique i want my kids to have unique names. if i have a daughter her name is gonna be kaya. all the way
I am 7 and cried because my mommy and daddy named me Kaja
written by kaja, February 23, 2008
Today I learned that my name is beautiful. I am very happy that my parents named me Kaja. It may be a weird name but it makes me happy knowing my daddy picked it. I love it!!
written by Kayame Kiranowe, March 06, 2008
I randomly picked this name 3 years ago for a roleplay, simply thinking it sounded/looked cool, and now as I randomly search for baby names to help my friend with her story, what should be the first name to appear where I look? KAYA! It made me laugh and now I know what it means
writen by kayas dad
written by jason scott, March 15, 2008
my son who is 16 is named kaya, we named him kaya becouse me and my wife both like bob marley, and like the song also, its got a lot of diffrent meanings around the world, all good, so why did my son want to be called adam? thats just crazy, isnt it? its not just a girls name, its a strong mannly name.
Kai Soleil is my babies name
written by Sarah mueller, March 19, 2008
I love the person who named their child kaiya Raine wondering if they wanted to go with a name that had meaning to it I thought about Kaia which means earth before settling on just Kai which means Ocean and Soleil which means Sun
I love my name!!
written by Kaia, March 20, 2008
my name is kaia and its from norweigan origin. its means pure of heart. growing up i wish my name was different because no one could ever say it right the first time so i always had to say time and time again till they would get it right. but now that i'm older, i've learned to love it because its so different and it gives me a better reason to want to stand out and be different!!
Kaya or Kaiya
written by Roxanne, June 17, 2008
I've actually seen "Kaiya" a lot more often. Kaiya means forgiveness. I've seen "Kaya" as a variant, but they don't mean the same thing. Anybody know why?
written by aerie, July 03, 2008
It is a very nice name. It can be very feminine, but it can be molded to a tomboy fit. I really like this name. Especially because I know someone named "Kaia"/ "Kaya".
written by Karen Vital, October 11, 2009
We named our daughter Kaya in 2003, and we love her name and so does she! Her older sister's name is Macy and we wanted another unique name, and came across Kaya in the wee hours of the morning in my 7th month. We do get some people saying Kay-a, but I remind them if her name began with an M you would say Maya not May-a, also tell them to spell kayak and take off the last k.... She also LOVES the fact that she has an American Girl doll with her name, considering her sister has a store with her name!!
written by mel, November 06, 2009
Me and my partner named our 7month old little boy Kaiya, we also got it from the Bob Marley song Kaya, we both liked it and tried lots of different ways of spelling it before settling for Kaiya.
I had never heard the name before but as soon as he was born i heard it all the time! when i tell people his name they think hes a girl lol. it is a beautiful name and i coulnt imagine him called anything else. now i want to have a girl and am stuck for names as we were going to call our 1st child kaiya anyway weather they were a boy or a girl.
youngest daughters name
written by Courtney Darby, September 09, 2010
I had to figure out a girl's name for the just incase factor when I was pregnant with my very last. I wanted something that ended with the "ah" sound to go along with my first 2 Riona and Aaliyah. I seen the name Kaya in a book and liked it, but I tweeked it a lil and spell it Ciyah (pronounced Ki - yah). I love it! Unique and it fits her so well.

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