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The name Olivia is a baby girl name. The name Olivia comes from the Latin origin. In Latin the meaning of the name Olivia is: From the Latin word oliva, meaning "olive."

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Latin
Meaning: From the Latin word oliva, meaning "olive."
Average Visitor Rating: 4.01 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 275

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written by Olivia, October 11, 2009
I'm Olivia Leah.
when i was younger i didn't think my name fit me. but now i love it. its not too common and i like my middle name because it goes with the L sound in olivia and also brings an older age to my name. one of the girls i babysit's name is olivia grace, which i think is beautiful.
Olivia Ann
written by Livie, November 28, 2009
my name is olivia ann!!! I LOVE MY NAME!! people call me Livie Livia Olive and Via
written by Olivia Neill, February 11, 2010
My mother named me Olivia in 1963 because she had always loved the name. I think she got it from the Shakespear's play 'Twelth Night', and at the time there was a famous actress, Olivia de Havilland. And I became a dancer! Growing up nobody had my name, although things have changed and Olivia is almost common now. I would have liked that growing up, but now I like my name. It feels like an old name to me which connects me to the past, and I like that. I am Olivia Helene. I think Olivia goes well with a one or two syllable last name. My maiden name was a mouth full and always difficult to get out. I have been called Livs, Liv, Lily, Olive and Oh as nik names. I especially like Oh and Livs.
written by olivia, February 19, 2010
my name is olivia glenn and i think it is so adorable i was named after my grandpa! and everyone calls me olive at school! lol some people call me olive-liver! its a cut name
My beautiful daughter.
written by Kristi, February 24, 2010
I named my 5 year old daughter Olivia Juliet simply because of it's elegance. We call her Via for short. Even though it says that Olivia is #6 on the popularity charts, we have never come across one Olivia other than my daughter, we live in NYC.

Her name fits her very very well, she has curly dark hair, piercing blue eyes, and a beautiful smile.

Her and her twin brother, Elliot Jasper "Eli" make such an adorable pair!♥
written by Olivia, March 11, 2010
My name is Olivia Rose, and ive always had to correct people when they said my name. They've always said A-livia Instead of Olivia (: Ive always been called Liv or Libby (:
written by Olivia Rose, March 11, 2010
My name is Olivia Rose . Everyone Calls me Alivia , So I have to corroect them with the O. (: everyone calls my Liv or Livie or libby (;
written by Clara, March 23, 2010
If you name your daughter this no doubt she will meet a million other Olivias in her lifetime because it's obviously a very popular name. :)
written by Kirsty, April 09, 2010
my cousin is called olivia,shes gorgeous, people like the name olivia like me,my mum and my dad. Olivia (my cousin), always sleeps at my house because we act like sisiters.shes the same asge as me and we fight,argue and tell our secrets like sisters.shes got ginger hair which puts a downer on her ,but she doesn,t care because shes got lots of friends.Olivia is a nice name and can be put in a long name like olivia-jane or olivia-rose ... my cousins middle name is Olivia Lea.:) And i love her
written by Olivia Landreth, April 10, 2010
My name is Olivia Brianna....i love my aunt calls me Ollie, my friends call me livie or liviedoo, my nephew called me eia. I love my name...i always get complements on my name!!!
written by olivia danielle, August 01, 2010
My name is olivia danielle and I absolutely love it! and I've never heard anyone else have it so I find it very unique.

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