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The name Amaya is a baby girl name. The name Amaya comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Amaya is: Night rain. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Muslim
Meaning: Night rain.
Average Visitor Rating: 4.73 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 71

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written by Bushra, February 25, 2008
my daughter's name is amaya and everyone who hears it LOVES it!
written by stl mommy, February 25, 2008
my daughter's name is Amya and I took the other A out of her name people love her name and when I looked it up it stated it was Japanese and means night rain now I am reading it is Muslim I would like to have the origing of her name so that I can tell her when she gets older
written by Ashley Nicole Martinez, March 05, 2008
My daughters name is Amaya Nicole...everybody loves her name!
My 2nd Daughter's Name
written by Katies, March 16, 2008
my second daughter's name is amaya grace. i love it so much! i hope she does too. she's only 18 months. my first daughter's name is samara elizabeth. i love 'em
written by jb, March 18, 2008
My daughter's name is Amyah Janae...everyone loves her name also.
Oh my...surreal
written by Alecia, March 22, 2008
I'm having twin girls and plan on naming one Amaiya Nicole, Amaiya Grace or Amaiya Siloam and the other Samaiya Jordan.
written by tarwana lowe-west, May 07, 2008
My Granddaughter's name is also Amaya but it is spelled quite differently. Emaija. Her parents initials are E (dad) and J (mom). Mom is of Bosnian descent and the J in the Bosnian alphabet has a "Y" sound. I like the variation. Emaija also has an older sister Ejahna (Ai-yahnah). Same story....
My eldest granddaughter is Kaelyn. I named her that because her Mom (my daughter) is Kellye.
written by Jaclyn Kennedy, August 01, 2008
It's funny you always feel you are being unique without being garish when you name your child. So in 2002 when my daughter was born, I had not yet heard the name (A-mya). Although Mya was a favorite because of the respect I have the author Maya Angelou. So in 8/02 I proudly named my daughter A'myah Ariel. I work in a hospital and since that time I have seen so many variations, but I still think it is a very beautiful and unique name.
Amaiyah Patrice
written by Alecia W, August 12, 2008
Well as you can see I'm adding an I and a H. When I found out I was having a girl I already knew I wanted her name to be Amaiyah. Now that I know the meaning I love it even more. I love it when there's a Night Rain! It's sound is very calming. Hopefully Amaiyah will be as calming as her names meaning. Maybe not in the beginning but I'm hoping within a few months.
written by Afia Thompson, September 28, 2008
My second daughter's name is Amaya Symone. She is 4 years old now and has soon as I heard this name I knew it was perfect. The meaning has personal meaning for me,so I knew I had her name right. When you look at her it fits perfectly as if it were made for her.
written by Amanda Peay, October 18, 2008
Ever since I found out I was having another girl I was decided on the name Amaya. I'm naming her Amaya Gabrielle. This name has stuck with me from the beginning!
written by Amanda, July 10, 2009
Weird... my daughter's name is Amaya Janaye and I see the same name, different spelling.
written by cj saint louis, March 13, 2010
My 4 year old daughter is amayah krisalyn i never heard of anyone with that name until after i had her i like it because there arent many people with the name!!!

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