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The name Osama is a baby boy name. The name Osama comes from the Arabic origin. In Arabic the meaning of the name Osama is: Lion. 

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Muslim
Meaning: Lion.
Average Visitor Rating: 3.21 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 97

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written by Tashana, February 09, 2008
No disrespect, but when I saw this name I freked out and started busting out laughing. I'm sorry. Really I am! That just reminds me so much of Osama Bin Laden!!
oh please
written by olive, February 16, 2008
Just because of one bad person having this name doesn't mean it is not a nice name. I mean when you hear the name george do you automatically think, OH god! George Bush. REALLY BAD. C'mon people get a life.
Do not compare
written by Adil, February 20, 2008
when u wanna select ur baby name, select as per the meaning. That does not mean that that person was bad, so i dont keep my baby's name like this.

I think all will understand.


This name is Forbidden
written by Abib, February 22, 2008
I know plenty of George's (George Clooney..George Forman..George Costanza..Georgie Porgie..Curious George.. Osama is like Adolf, nobody can name their kid that anymore. I bet you wouldn't name ur son Lucifer.
its not forbidden
written by Lucifer, February 27, 2008
i will name my child Osama, i see nothing wrong with it. its has a good meaning but just a bad reputation.
written by Osama, February 28, 2008
The name Osama scored worse on this site than Adolph did. lovely show, Adolph murders millions of humans but it scores higher than Osama

And you say Osama is forbidden?

i agree
written by hope, February 29, 2008
i would name my son osama too, the meaning is the key not what "you" relate the name/word with.
Forbidden or not...
written by Simone., March 02, 2008
Almost everyone has a negative association with this name and your children will get teased so badly especially in high school. Before naming your name your child, try and rhyme it with things that might spike a young bully's memory. Your child'll survive elementary school. Make sure it does not rhyme with anything relating to the reproductive system and she'll/he'll make it barely through. For high school, check for namesakes with bad reputation. Then, she's /he's home-free. Maybe...
name is important
written by capri, March 11, 2008
OSAMA is a good and great name, however if you feel that your child future will be at stake then for the child's sake dont use the name.

mum knows best
written by Osama , March 19, 2008
I was in high school when the incident of 9/11 happened.
Being in Canada we had a great impact as well. School mates did laugh at the name at times but it is not as SERIOUS as you guys are making it seem like. And believe me children are not as prejudice as you parents are. Things don’t grow in children’s head, parents sow it there.
Any how, my experience in my high school wasn’t all that bad in “bad times” so I don’t think that your new-born will be effected 15 years from now when they will reach high school.

I think as long as the names don’t rhyme with reproductive organs or something like (bart/fart). Kids have very creative minds… they think of the things we cant even imagine.
written by written by Laura Juliana V., M, March 22, 2008
I agree with the previous post. Think about it, look how much grief Obama is getting because his middle name is Hussein and it doesn't help that his name rhymes with Osama. The name has a nice enough meaning but it is associated with a horrific act and man that is still fresh in most people's minds.
written by Jess Cox, September 24, 2009
My nephew used to go to school with a boy called Osama and I feel truely sorry for the poor boy because (as many have said) his name has got a bad repuatation because of one person and he gets bullied repetitivly for it. He sadly doesn't go to my nephews school anymore it got that bad but it shows how narrow-minded people are about names.
The Boy Named Osama
written by Edith, July 18, 2010
Have any of you heard about the little boy who they wouldn't let out of the country just because his first name was Osama?
written by sarah talbot, September 18, 2010
This is how Think when i am searching Baby names 1. do i like it 2 how does it sound with the last name 3.What kind of effect is it going to have on my child as he or she is growing up and or in adulthood 4. what are the nicknames most likey going to be! its a proven fact that a name can prevent you from getting a job there has been research on it is it right No does it happen yes and for this generation i Personally feel naming a child osama i feel that not too much postive could come out of it not saying that it would be right or ok to judge a child in anyway shape or form but i will happen! and for that reason i do not feel its a good name as with Adolf,Hussein which i went to school and grew up with a hussein he was and still is one of the nicest guys and the most caring but the torture he had to go thru just cuz of his name i was in many fights defending him because kids can be VERY MEAN!!

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