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The name Cheyenne is a baby girl name. The name Cheyenne comes from the Native American origin. In Native American The meaning of the name Cheyenne is: An Algonquian tribe of the Great Plains. Capital city of Wyoming.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: girl
Origin of name: Native American
Meaning: An Algonquian tribe of the Great Plains. Capital city of Wyoming.
Expression number: 7
SoulUrge Number: 22
Average Visitor Rating: 4.55 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 125

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written by CheyChey, July 24, 2008
My name's Cheyann. I never used to like it, mostly because people are always misspelling it, so I have to tell them how to spell it. I usually have to spell it multiple times for the same person, and they still spell it wrong, so that really irritates me. I used to really hated it especially when I was in elementary school, now I love it,(I could count all the people I've met with the name on one hand) and I wouldn't change it. Although I have decided that when I have kids I will not be giving them a name that means unintelligible speaker, or anything like that.
written by chrisie, August 01, 2008
I have always loved the name cheyenne, but wanted to spell it different from every other way I have seen it spelled. So when my little girl was born 16 months ago I named her Alexis Shyann. Everyone that has seen the spelling has loved the way I came up with it. And coming from someone that was born and lived my whole life in Oklahoma (up until the last 18 months), and is part of the cheyenne tribe I don't agree with someone that thinks no one from the tribe would ever name their child after the tribe.
i love it
written by Shyann, August 17, 2008
My names Shyann. Pronounced the same way, just spelled differently. When i was little i didn't like my name because people always asked how my parents came up with the spelling or they would give me compliments on it and it would embarrass me. Now that I'm older, i love it. i get so many compliments on the name and the spelling. I wouldn't change my name if given the chance.
origin of Cheyenne
written by Cheyenne, August 17, 2008
My name is Cheyenne Mae (i use Chey as my nickname also). My mom came up with this name for me by combing her name Sharon, with her mom's name Dianne (the sh from
Sharon and ann from Dianne). My dad who has always felt a spiritual connection to the region outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming decided on the spelling (ironically he was a over the road truck driver and was in the City of Cheyenne the day i was born). Part of the reason my mom loved this name is because it was so unconventional. I on the other hand always hated it growing up because it was so different, and i constantly had to spell it for people and you wouldn't believe some of the mispronunciations people come up with for it. in school i would often get called by my last name because new teachers wouldn't even attempt to pronounce it. I am often told how pretty my name is and its starting to grow on me now that it is becoming more popular, but i just wanted to let parents know that are thinking about giving this name to their child what the actual origin is (there are several different meanings for the name, or so i always find different ones on these websites). When the French settlers and fur trappers first encountered the Native Americans they called them chien (pronounce like shen)which is French for dog the English settlers heard this and mangled the word into Cheyenne. Just a little food for thought.
written by Shannon, October 14, 2008
I think this is a beautiful name and one of my friends is named this... Her parents are decedents of Cheyenne Indians, I think...
written by Alyssa, May 30, 2009
I think this name is really pretty and different, it makes me think of the daughter on Reba.
Beautiful Name
written by Melissa, June 03, 2009
I have always loved the name Cheyenne. I had only met 1 Cheyenne before having children of my own. Last year I had my first daughter whom I named Shianne Elizabeth. Everyone tells me that they love the spelling because it's unique, but not weird. Everyone who hears her name tells me how beautiful it is. I hope she grows up to love it just as much as I do! Since having her, I have met two other little girls named Cheyenne.
my middle name
written by RAVEN CHEYENNE NORTON, October 25, 2009
cheyenne is my middle name.
written by cheyenne, November 26, 2009
i've had my name since july 22 1989 and i use to dislike it when i was in elementary cuz nobody had it....when realized how eccentric it is i love it.....and im also native american and mixed so it perfectly fits me thanks to my mommy and daddy for my name :)
Our Cheyenne
written by Peter Nolan, July 02, 2010
When our three year old was born we named her CHEYENNE and we love her name, as it is very different from the usual names we hear here in Ireland.
We had some difficulty at first when people heard the name Cheyenne for the first time, however it seems that people have got used to the sound of the name now and they like it too.

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