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The name Logan is a baby boy name. The name Logan comes from the Scottish origin. In Scottish The meaning of the name Logan is: Finnian's servant.

Name Information
Boy or Girl ?: boy
Origin of name: Scottish
Meaning: Finnian's servant.
Expression number: 22
SoulUrge Number: 7
Average Visitor Rating: 4.56 (Out of 5)
Number of ratings: 48

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Comments (17)Add Comment
Love the name - Hate the meaning
written by Krist, January 28, 2008
What else is there to say??
Horrible Meaning
written by Danae, January 28, 2008
I wanted to use this name for my son, but I just learned what it means and don't think I want my child to have a name that means "Hollow" or "Empty"
If the name fits...
written by Logans mom, February 07, 2008
The meaning of Logan is crazy, but what child do you know goes online and looks up his / her name? Its a beautiful name. And for Nigel with a name like that i would be mad too.
LOGAN-proud to be my son's name!
written by ashley smith, February 08, 2008
Logan is a wonderful name. I loved it so much that I named my first born son it. However, I think the meaning is dumb. from the hollow, or a servent... not what I think it should mean. I think it should mean, strong willed and good natured.
Logan X-tra
written by Logan Lopez Rodriguez, February 08, 2008
I have my six-month old son, Logan. I believe, every name listed has a wonderful meaning. It really depends on how you perceive it. To me, Logan means Someone Wealthy, Prosperous, Immune, Invincible(like wolverine), and Bighearted.
My cousin's name!
written by Rian, February 11, 2008
Yeah, my little cousin is ADORABLE, and HER name is logan. I personally like it as a girl's name more, but maybe that's just because i'm so used to calling a little girl by that name. :]
My son Logan loves his name
written by carly , February 13, 2008
My son Logan will turn 29 this year and loves his name. As a child it was uncommon but easy to pronounce. While there were several Jason, Justin and Jareds in his class - he was the only Logan.
written by lesliebabe, February 22, 2008
my son is also called logan..i loved it when i picked it and still do now ! great name!!!
Logan Tyler
written by Emily Dobson, February 26, 2008
I was wanting to name my baby boy Logan Tyler. What do you think? Any suggestions?
Logan's Momma
written by Sonia, March 05, 2008
The Gaelic meaning is "from the hollow" - a hollow is a valley (not hollow as in empty)

It's a strong name and my son is Logan - a strong boy from the valley with a grandmother from Dublin to boot! All sass and love!
Logan Tyler
written by Kenny, March 16, 2008
I named my son Logan Tyler 15 yrs ago. He is a very loving and intelligent young man. I just love the name and there are very few Logan's in his school.
leave it alone
written by Logan thats my name, March 19, 2008
I know that everyone thinks servant is bad and in some ways it is, but when a person names someone with my(I mean all the Logan's names) it shows that their willing to give a loyal name to a child. If someone doesn't run away from being a servant(or anything else they don't like) then it just proves how much better they are. Also I think unless you are thinking of naming someone or something(its a good pet name too) or it belongs to you or someone you know shouldn't be pushing buttons by upsetting some people with the name just because your bored and you are on a computer and enjoy rudeness. By the way I am not trying to side but I think every name should go to either the girls or the boys and since both of the meanings come from a boy I believe boy's deserve this name. And just to keep you happy I think Alex should be a girls name because of Alexandria.
Logan for a girl
written by RAD, March 22, 2008
I am not into the girly girl first names. I named my 1st daughter Reese, and then gave her the girly middle name Ava. I like Logan for my 2nd daughter. I am thinking Logan Ella. So many people think Logan is just for boys. I like seeing that there are girls who love their name.
my son
written by shannon, April 18, 2008
my son name is logan james
I named my daughter Logan
written by Amber, April 24, 2008
To RAD: Logan is a beautiful girls name AND yes a boys as well, I named my daughter Logan and have come to discover many girls with the name Logan, so of course I say go for it but I am biased :]
My son Logan Leo Jones.
written by Cat, September 05, 2009
Its a beautiful name, my youngest son is blessed with this name and everyone who meets my son says how wonderful his name is. I think a name compliments a person its meaning does not mean that is what they are...
I named my son Logan Curtis
written by TeresaMosley, August 03, 2010
I named my son Logan Curtis, Logan after a famous indian chief (Chief Logan) that is famous here in West Virginia. Curtis after his father. I live in West Virgina is this place is full of hollows or hollers we call them. So the name was perfect.

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